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An Inside Look Into EvaDane Jewelry



EvaDane Jewelry
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1. Tell us what EvaDane Jewelry does.

EvaDane is a handcrafted jewelry line based out of New England. We are committed to sourcing quality materials from all over the world to provide our customers with a unique and personalized piece of jewelry. My focus for the business has always been to create meaningful pieces in which clients feel good about wearing day today.

2. What inspired you to start the business?

I first thought about starting my business a few years ago while I was wrapping up my Master’s degree in public relations. I have always been interested in the metaphysical properties of gemstones and minerals. Additionally, I follow in my mother and grandmother’s footsteps in terms of possessing an affinity for working on tactile projects. I started experimenting with various designs and it took off from there. Currently, I have begun hand smithing new pieces including pendants and rings. It has opened up an entirely new realm of possibilities and I’m looking forward to seeing where it will take the business.

3. How did your journey as an entrepreneur begin?

When I started working on EvaDane, I was modeling in New York City. I had a somewhat random schedule with a fair amount of downtime. Creating structure and focus on building a business was helpful in many ways. I never had the desire to work a traditional nine to five or sit at a desk for the day. I saw an opportunity to be creative and earn an income via entrepreneurship.

4. What is your dream for the future of your business?

Lately, I have been spending a good deal of time hand smithing new pieces for my line. I am planning to release upcoming collections over the summer including stackable gemstone rings and layered necklaces. I plan to continue down this path, exploring multiple techniques hopefully elevating my line to various boutiques and galleries. I would love to see my company organically grow into a bigger brand this way.

5. Have you had any mentors that have inspired you?

I have always looked to my dad as a source of inspiration. He has started several businesses and found success by really putting in the time necessary to grow a company. I am lucky in that he has been able to give me invaluable advice and perspective on a multitude of situations. I hope to follow his lead in building my own company going forward.

6. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs that are just beginning their journey?

My advice to new entrepreneurs would be: learn to pivot. When facing daily challenges within my business, there are many cases where I have to change my train of thought or adapt. The more pliable your thinking is, the better positioned you are to meet a challenge or solve a problem. It is important to keep things fresh and moving forward. Many times you will need to think outside of a situation and come up with a creative solution in order to continue growing.

7. Is there anything you would have changed or done differently?

I believe there are always things I could do differently. However, there is no all-knowing guidebook to running a business. You have to make the best choices with the information available. Looking back on all of the large choices I have made thus far, I feel good about the current state of things. Even when mistakes are made, there is always a takeaway lesson that helps in the future.

8. What is the most exciting thing within your business? The most challenging?

I find the most exciting aspect of my business at the moment is a possibility. EvaDane is a small business. At this juncture, there is so much room for growth. I am very optimistic about the many opportunities that are available including releasing new products like the pieces coming out this summer. On the other hand, I would say the most challenging aspect is wearing many hats. Having a small business often means I am completing several tasks at once to keep things moving smoothly. Yet in a sense, it is a good challenge to face because of the growth that comes with it.

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