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Aspiring Venture Capitalist Josue Arteaga First Million at 20 Years Old



Josue Arteaga

Making a million in the first 20 years of your life is something some of us would have wanted or still want to accomplish. Some have done it already proving that it is a realistic goal to aim. Today there are a million and one ways to achieve this. Young entrepreneurs like Josue Arteaga have conquered the business industry and are continuing to do so to make even bigger dreams.

Artega is a 20-year-old personal branding genius and a very successful venture capitalist. He is also the Vice President of Disrupt Media after he merged his branding business with the company in 2019. Venturing into business changed everything for him and his family. By the time Arteaga was 20, he was already a millionaire. How exactly did he get there?

Making His First Million

Contrary to what most might think, Arteaga, built his empire from literary nothing. He went through tough times as a teenager and used his situation as a stepping stone to change his life situation. His father lost his job right around the same time his mother needed surgery. It caused much pain for the then sixteen-year-old. He started learning about articles, SEO, the website traffic, and converting clients from Neil Patel after school. It, however, took him almost three years to make his first $300 from the internet. He had made five dollars before selling shirts online but had to return the money due to copyright issues. His site was also shut down.

After earning online for the first time, he went on to write articles that turned into high-end publications with a friend. The high-end publications liked his work. Arteaga spoke on how he could interview famous guests with millions of followers on social platforms and started consulting with clients to do the same after he was on the high-end publications. He charged $5,000-$10,000 for this which led to starting his first company. Arteaga then went from making $17,000 to $144,000 annually at only 19.

An old high school friend approached him one day and asked him to invest in his father’s Mexican meat and grocery market. Arteaga decided to save up. He cut off his lousy money habits and came up with $60,000, which he invested in the meat business. After getting into the industry as a partner, he studied it and connected with high-end corporate CEOs. At only 20 years old, Arteaga is making two million dollars in revenue annually from meat markets alone and owns a one million dollar asset. He, however, is planning to do even bigger things.

Arteaga’s Goals as a Venture Capitalist

Arteaga has only done better since he started his journey as a venture capitalist. His numbers speak for themselves. Even with his great achievements in this field, Arteaga does not plan to stop there. He is on track to open three or four more locations in a year adding three to four million dollars in revenue yearly.

In the next seven years, Arteaga plans to own 1,000 meat stores which will be bringing in a billion dollars in revenue annually. If not, he says $10 Million a year is not bad. The sky’s the limit with him.

Other Accomplishments

During his time doing personal branding and venture capitalism, Artega has had many achievements that have led him to his current success. He is already a top one percent earner at his age bracket and retired his parents. As a personal branding expert, Artega has worked with clients worth over $100 Million helping them achieve six and seven-figure personal brands.

He also built Influencer Press from the ground with a partner, but he left due to a pay dispute. Arteaga has also worked with the best influencers in the world including  Julius Dien, Sam Bakhair, Ed Mylett, Com Mirza, and Tonio Skits. Now he is looking to turn his online business into a needs-based business to teach entrepreneurs what he knows.


Usually, making a million dollars is not easy, but Arteaga sure does make it look easy, and that’s what makes him a genius. His journey to the top is one that inspires some hope in those that are facing significant life challenges.

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