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Astronaut Boyz: Adrian Howard Brings Rising Hip-Hop Artists to the Moon With Next Level Success



With the hip-hop scene saturated by thousands of emerging artists left and right every day, standing out from the pool of talented artists has become even more challenging today. Hip-hop creative and aficionado Adrian Howard himself knows the struggle of those trying to be in the musical spotlight. While the path to greater heights is difficult to tread upon, Adrian wants to remind aspiring artists that reaching the top is not impossible. With this in mind, he has made it his mission to bring emerging rap talents to the summits of success through Astronaut Boyz.

Astronaut Boyz Inc. (ABI) is a rising music production and artist management group specializing in promoting, recording, and signing hip-hop, R&B, and pop artists out of Aurora, Colorado. The group has three crucial missions. First, it seeks to celebrate and partner with local artists. Second, it aims to remind listeners that authentic hip-hop is still very much alive in the music industry. Finally, the group serves to promote and sign disadvantaged artists coming from under-served communities. 

Founded by Adrian Howard back in 2015, Astronaut Boyz not only serves as a perfect avenue for rising hip-hop artists to thrive, but it also provides a haven for artists looking for a label to call “home.” Essentially, the label develops authentic and talented artists, helping them foster deeper personal, spiritual, and career growth. “We are a family. We give each artist the individual attention necessary,” says the visionary founder of the label. 

Today, ABI caters to all music genres and strives to bring each musical work to the various parts of the world. The label guarantees feedback within 48 hours, continually keeping the artists updated. Moreover, all music under the label is available on all streaming platforms. Astronaut Boyz also ensures that each artist is given the spotlight they deserve. From media outlets to nationwide magazines, the label sees that each musical talent is featured in various publications for their incredible work in the music community.

Alongside the Astronaut Boyz music label, Adrian Howard aims to spark hope for the youth by showing them that anything is possible. He hopes for the label to motivate emerging artists to chase after their dreams no matter the obstacles that may come their way. On top of this, Adrian also spearheads endeavors geared towards giving less fortunate and novice artists a chance to shine and show their outstanding capabilities. Overall, he seeks to help their voices be heard in the music industry. 

Astronaut Boyz also places heavy emphasis on giving back to the communities. With that in mind, Adrian Howard donates a portion of the proceeds of the record and merchandise to local charities. For Adrian, ABI is on to greater paths. The success the label has achieved today is only one milestone preparing them for a greater tomorrow. 

To know more about Adrian Howard and Astronaut Boyz Inc., you may visit their official site. You may also check out their proprietary music, merchandise, and more updates from following their official Instagram

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