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Austin McClelland And How Grit Brought Him To Create Three Step Education Group for Traders



Austin McClelland has gone a long way. From being abandoned by both his parents, broken for years, and then lost of what he is going to do for the rest of his life, as far as his career is concerned. 

But because of his grit and passion, none of it ever stopped Austin from spending months, even years, of trying to figure it out. Maybe because he had nothing to lose and he already knew what it feels to have nothing that he was so eager and hungry to find success. 

His journey towards it wasn’t easy. He was constantly and tirelessly looking for answers but nothing ever came up. He sat for hours and wondered how other people were making millions while only looking at a chart and pressing only a few buttons. He knew he was onto something and so he continued to create his own system and his own strategies. Until one day, the system he made clicked and he started to make it consistently. It was a long and tough process but he knew no one’s gonna hand him the answers unless he had to commit to it and do it all by himself.

Although he didn’t have any experience, he knew that if he spends his time on his computer and tries to figure it out, he will finally get it. When he knew he was finally getting the right answer, he took a step back and enjoyed his new career. 

While all of this was happening, most of his friends and people he knew, saw the success he’s getting. They started coming to Austin to know more about how to trade. So, he started to teach his best friend Jonnie. As he saw his success grow, Austin knew he was onto something bigger than he could ever imagine. It sparked him to create not only an educational platform but a community where he can share this secret to the world.

He began receiving hundreds of messages and while he wanted to help everyone, there wasn’t enough time to teach everyone individually. And that’s when he created the Three-Step Training Elite Trading Group And Education. His masterclass and trade room which is a step-by-step guide where Austin and his team of traders break down step by step while giving anyone the right guidance in the trade-room. They specifically wanted to curate the system into a practical approach all the way to a more detailed advanced approach.

He knew how hard it was to start trading without any help and so, this is his way of giving back to the world and making sure people will learn how to trade right.


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