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Badr El Battahi emphasises on how entrepreneurs can succeed by diversifying businesses



Badr El Battahi

We are in an economic era where working in a 9 to 5 job until retirement is no longer a norm. While many people secure their future by these type of jobs, but in reality, this type of slow growth is a sign of poor wealth-being. Entrepreneurship is the on-going trend which has witnessed the arrival of several startups and small-scale businesses. The entrepreneurial world is also diversified with entrepreneurs focusing not only on one business but several businesses. Today the entrepreneurs are keen to diversify their companies and income streams without having any fear of failure.

While working a 9 to 5 has its benefits, structure and little to no business expenses, you can only make so much money and have the freedom everyone desires when you work for the “man.” Everyone that wants to be an entrepreneur seeks freedom and unlimited income, but what many Life Insurance agents, Real Estate agents, and Serial Entrepreneurs forget is that they have just started a business. If you don’t run your business like a business, then you will be out of business before you can reach your income and freedom goals.

The first key to running a business like a business is to separate your finances. You have to create a separate checking and savings account just for your business. Now it doesn’t necessarily need to be a business account, but it needs to be separate from your personal checking and savings account.

Running a business takes a lot more work than the average person may think. Though you don’t need a degree to open up a shop, it might help to at least do a little bit of research on operating a business, before you open the doors.

Badr El Battahi is a prime example who started his journey from scratch. After the success of his company, he diversified his entrepreneurial skills and built another company. Born in Casablanca, Morocco, the entrepreneur was pretty sure to be his own boss rather than work under someone else. Since school, he started doing savings and while he grew up, Badr invested in different businesses. Currently based in Dubai, the entrepreneur is earning in 7-figures and has become a social media sensation with a following of more than a million only on Instagram.

Besides being an entrepreneur, he is a social media influencer as well. Battahi’s Instagram feed is all about his luxury lifestyle. He loves to travel and share his experiences on social media. He says, “I am fortunate enough to have received so much love from my followers. I just don’t aim to share my travel experiences but also influence my audiences about entrepreneurship skills. I am soon planning to create content that would cater to all the aspiring entrepreneurs. The idea is to spread the word on how to build an empire rather than doing the monotonous job.”

Alumni of Harvard University, Badr El Battahi has earned a degree in Computer Science. He is an expert in the app and website development. The young man has earlier developed several mobile apps for android and iOS users. However, after graduation, Badr moved to Abu Dhabi in 2011 and got hooked to the concept of social media marketing. “I got so involved in the social and digital marketing that I learnt the courses by myself through YouTube tutorials. After a lot of trial and error, I became a digital marketing expert and started taking up freelance projects”, he added.

Things changed for better in 2015 when the entrepreneur ventured into his own business. He built a social media agency named ‘SociWork’ which promotes the budding actors, models, influencers and singers on the digital space. His unique marketing ideas and digital campaigns brought in a lot of clients. The business venture was a milestone in his career which boosted Badr’s popularity as one of the most affluent marketers. He stated, “My company earned tremendous recognition as well as revenues. What I thought was what’s next after this? After a lot of research and thinking, I made up my mind to launch another brand.”

Badr El Battahi in 2018 launched ‘Richsneaker’, a premium brand which offers best sneakers. The footwear brand captivated the attention of many people, majorly the millennials and the youth. Surprisingly, the sales of the brand surpassed a million which remains one of the biggest achievements of his career. He further stated that the only key to succeed in the entrepreneurial race is to diversify the businesses and establish several other ventures. “Calculated risks with proper planning and execution of a new business model should be implemented by every entrepreneur to multiply their wealth”, he added. Badr El Battahi is as of now planning to integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain in his every business venture. He believes the future belongs to those who upgrade themselves from time to time.

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