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Blake Wynn: From Social Media Mogul to Marketing Agency Success



Blake Wynn is a young entrepreneur who decided to forgo college life to focus on his business career. Entrepreneurship isn’t a new concept for him, in fact, he has been paying taxes since he was 13 years old. He says that he feels lucky to have acquired so much success at a young age.” I’ve been very lucky that my passions have translated into financial success.” And he has such a clear picture for the future of his personal brand, that it’s easy to forget that he’s only 19 years old!


From Social Media Popularity to Mega Marketer

This Las Vegas native went from being a big social media success with having over 60,000 Instagram followers in high school, shaking virtual hands with top NFL players, and working with large sports clothing brands like Puma and Stock X to running his own marketing company, and it all began with one single idea. Because he had access to only the best sportswear that money could buy, many athletes and entertainers would come to him to get their hands on the latest apparel. This single action is what sparked the idea to create a way for sports athletes to land larger brand deals. He says, “Why stop there, I can get [potential clients] deals with anybody.” By helping professionals in the sports industry, he would expand their outreach, create opportunities for them to own and showcase their favorite brands, and build another sustainable source of revenue for himself—in the creation of his personal brand, he meant business!


Setting Himself Apart from the Crowd


Wynn is determined to provide only the most authentic experience for his customers. He believes in staying true to his brand and clients, and his willing to go the extra mile to offer the best results possible. “I went to 28 cities in 31 days, and I went on a meet and greet tour. I do the unattainable but because of my young age, I’m relatable.”


When working with clients he wants them to know that at the end of the day, he puts their needs first. As a social media influencer who has been on the other side of marketing, he didn’t like the idea that many marketing companies want their clients to only work with one agency. He feels that the client should be able to work with any number of agencies to ensure that they are properly represented. He expressed that many big marketing corporations claim to have the client’s interest as their top priority, yet they’re so concerned about the “bottom dollar” that they are willing to pigeonhole their clients to working with only their agency. Because of this, he feels that his brand sets him apart from the sea of other marketing agencies. “We’re not exclusive. You can go sign with 10 agencies for all I care. We’re just here to help you make more money and build meaningful relationships.


Helping Others Succeed

A part of being a successful person is spreading your wealth of knowledge and experience. When asked how he could help other young entrepreneurs who are seeking to build their own marketing empire he said that results are king! “Build a personal brand for yourself and if you’re successful in doing that, then you can share your ideas with larger companies—you will be able to get a job anywhere or build your own personal brand. “He also stated how there is money to be made in simply having a successful personal brand and if a young man like him can do it, anyone can! The road isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to do what it takes to generate the results, anything can happen!

This young trailblazer also believes that a big part of his credibility comes from his experience. He doesn’t rely on outdated sales pitches and outrageous marketing claims to inspire others; he focuses on his personal results. “I’ve done it. I don’t really say a whole ‘lot. Actions are everything.”


10 Years in the Making

When interviewing this young man, it was easy to forget just how young he is. His capability to see far beyond his current trajectory is truly impressive. He claims that he has not only a 10-year goal, but a 60-year business plan, and he realizes that his young age gives him a tremendous advantage in the marketing game!  “My goal is to become the number 1 marketing agency for NFL players and entertainers. By creating organic content for premium athletes, I believe that marketing can be more engaging than simply posting a picture and hashtag about a product. It can be more organic… more real!  This is what separates us from the competition.”


Miesha Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing heartwarming and inspiring stories of everyday individuals who work to transform their dreams of success into reality.