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BMayzee – From Hospital to Success



BMayzee - From Hospital to Success

Growing up in the small suburb Lancaster, NY, Bmayzee has always been a winner. This, of course, can be attributed to his talent and work ethic. Since he could walk, Brandon has always had a passion for motocross sports. At a very young age, he began training to chase his dreams of becoming a professional in his craft competing in races and tournaments all around the country. Amassing a total of 16 National Championships, Brandon was well on his way to becoming the youngest professional motocross athlete in the country. This was attracting the eyes of prospects, sponsors, and professional teams. He was projected to begin his professional career in 2011as the youngest professional athlete, when a freak accident in 2008 shortly after his most recent Mini O’s Championship left Brandon with a broken neck and back, punctured lungs, and internal bleeding from damage to his heart stopped him dead in his tracks.

While recovering in the hospital he knew it was the end of his motocross career, although he knew he had to continue on a path to greatness. As soon as Brandon was healthy enough to leave the hospital, he decided to pursue his second passion, music and went straight into the studio to begin working. Soon after his persona Bmayzee was born. Using his athlete’s work ethic, and his hidden artistic ability Bmayzee worked in the studio for a year making music, perfecting songs, putting together projects, and collaborating with other artists. In 2012 his first album “The Throttles Still Twisted’, was released and sold 40,000 units on iTunes in the first few months. Shortly after, Akon and his label Konvict Music approached Brandon with a contract but he turned it down. For Bmayzee it wasn’t about making the most money, it was his new source of adrenaline, he loves his new craft and ability to connect with people through an artistic venue spreading positivity and motivation.

With his most recent single “Get It Started” which you can find on iTunes and Spotify, Bmayzee continues to make music his fans know and love while attracting the attention of many new eyes through talent and a reputation that proceeds him. Through his success in the music industry, Brandon has partnered with many companies one of which being Magari Wear in which he works closest with. This opportunity allows Bmayzee to grow his brand while helping another as well as giving back to as well as a new method to apply his work ethic. Through this company Brandon and the Magari teamwork to create products that their customers love, selling items from motocross goggles to custom jewelry.

Many friends, family, fans, peers, and pupils look to Bmayzee for inspiration. The five things Brandon believes will bring you success if you implement these principles in your life are; never give up even when the going gets tough, nothing is going to be easy, no one is your friend, take business ideas with a grain of salt, and there is no get rich quick schemes. If you are not following Brandon or his music we urge you to at either his Instagram, Spotify, Snapchat, or Twitter! You can find all of Bmayzee’s music on all platforms including SoundCloud.


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