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Brandon Heitmann Turns to Exigent Landscape to Transform His Life and the Lives of Other People



Brandon Heitmann

The best entrepreneurs attribute their success not only to business acumen and technical skills but also to a vision that drives and defines everything they do. These people have goals for their businesses that include making a lot of money, but that also goes beyond that. They use their businesses as a platform to effect positive change in other people and even the larger community. It is this larger vision that makes these entrepreneurs and their businesses inspiring and life-changing. In the landscaping industry, one of the most visionary and inspiring entrepreneurs is Brandon Heitmann.

Brandon Heitmann, the owner of Exigent Landscape, LLC, has been in business for 8 years. His landscaping business just came off its best year ever, totaling $2,100,000 in revenue. From getting steady landscaping jobs totaling over $300,000, he was able to grow his business revenue by 700% in just one year. That kind of growth is almost unheard of and is a testament to Brandon’s strong work ethic. It is also a result of his unique ability to use landscaping not only to modify areas of land but also to transform the lives of the clients he works for and the employees that he works with.

“We are building clients’ dreams,” says Brandon. He adds, ”We are changing clients’ lives and clients are making so many memories on their new landscape.” He is also making a huge impact on the lives of his employees. He is passionate about helping them reach their personal and professional goals. He works hard to maintain the fun, challenging, and exciting culture of Exigent Landscape. Currently, he has also taken up the mission of helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. With his unprecedented level of success and eagerness to share his expertise, Brandon is on track to making Exigent Landscape the best landscaping company in the world.

Things were not always easy for Brandon. In fact, as is often the case, it is because of the difficulties he suffered through and the obstacles he overcame that he has developed the strength and compassion that he now leads his business with. He started off his career at the age of 15 workings at his cousin’s landscaping company. It was also in high school that he started using drugs. When he started attending college, he decided to start his own business. He mowed lawns by himself, charging only $20 a lawn. Unfortunately, his drug addiction took a turn for the worst. He ended up spending 3 nights in jail because of his substance use.

Realizing that he needed to change his life, he decided to get himself clean. He turned to the one other thing that he knew best — landscaping. By turning his obsession with drugs to a commitment to grow and expand his business, he was able to transform his life and that of others. This is how Exigent Landscape became the fastest growing landscaping company that now employs more and more people each year.

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