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BrandYourself With Entrepreneur Patrick Ambron




Modern times brought us modern technology. The Internet has a major role in our everyday life. We access it over the phone, computer or tablet. We even pay our bills over the internet. That means we leave many traces behind us. One may say that people are totally unaware of the dangers lurking online. So, how to protect ourselves? How do we manage our online reputation? Patrick Ambron found the answers to these questions.


Patrick Ambron’s Career

Does the name ring a bell to you? It probably does. This is a well-known company in digital-business circles. The co-founder of the company and its CEO Patrick Ambron had an idea that he made true. is famous for helping their consumers protecting their online privacy and reputation. 

The truth is that the vast majority of people worldwide use social networks. Sometimes we’re naive, sometimes we’re not careful enough. But, that’s the field where can help. This company offers features that include some very useful digital tools. Including social media cleanups. By using some of their digital tools you can remove your personal data whether it’s for safety reasons or not. 

Besides that, you can also track or erase some of your older accounts you don’t use anymore. Such features are extremely helpful when you deal with issues like cyberbullying. Cyberbullying, identity thefts, and hacking are some of the major problems people face every day online. The laws for online privacy are still pretty much imprecise. 

Therefore, it all keeps internet consumers under control. When he first got his idea about upgrading the privacy of consumers online, Patric Amber had those facts in mind. Today, his company is recognized as a leader in the “reputation management” field. Even though he’s young, Patrick is an affirmed businessman in the digital area. His skills are recognizable in the fields of search engine optimization and online privacy protection.


Quality And Quantity Comes Together

By 2011, Patrick Ambron had huge business success. He has been recognized as an expert in his field. He took the title for the #1 Emerging Technology Business in NY. Regarding the title, by 2011, Patrick was known as the youngest person who won the $200K prize.

His talent for inventions and business haven’t stay unnoticed. The White House also pointed at him as one of the youngest Empact’s top 100 CEOs. SBA also titled him a Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The Inc Magazine did it as well. Patrick Ambron was found on their list of successful businessmen under 35. Nowadays, he is a contributor writer to Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Inc, and Entrepreneur. His writing is inspired by his work. Ambron is also a lecturer. His lecturing at universities such as  Syracuse, Georgetown, Pennsylvania, and Columbia. Today, one of his business responsibilities is being a regular instructor in the General Assembly.


But what about BrandYourself?

His company continuously grows. Ambron succeeded in leading to over $7 million capital. The company has over 100 full-time employees and was chosen as one of The Hottest Startups in New York.

Josue Arteaga is a Mexican serial entrepreneur, a new-age marketing consultant for realtors, and a Mortgage Advisor. Started his first business at the age of 17 dipping his toes in SEO. By the time he was 20, he was rubbing shoulders with the biggest entrepreneurs and real estate companies in the world. Josue Arteaga has used his new-age marketing strategies not just for clients but for his own ventures as well. He has his hands in the blockchain, real estate, lending, and new-age digital marketing industries. He’s been featured in Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, etc. Josue has worked with world-famous entrepreneurs and influencers such as Tonio Skits, Julius Dien, Sam Bakhtiar, and Ed Mylett. He’s consulted companies like Century 21, Keller Williams, California Bud Co, and Fortafy in leading their branding and growth efforts. Josue has worked with clients worth over $100m, celebs, and the world's biggest entrepreneur influencers like Ed Mylett, Julius Dien, and more. Josue has worked with clients worth over $100m, celebs, and the world's biggest entrepreneur influencers like Ed Mylett, Julius Dien, and more.