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Build Confidence with a Healthier and Fitter Body with Help from Thoroughbred Fitness Founder Ted McColl



Fitness model, sports nutritionist, fitness instructor, and founder of Thoroughbred Fitness, Ted McColl is a top resource for men looking to build their confidence and overall performance in both life and business.

“Confidence starts with who you see in the mirror,” says Ted. “How you hold yourself, your posture, and how you feel when you are standing in front of the mirror impacts your work, your relationships, and your satisfaction in life. Looking good doesn’t define all of these, but who you see in the mirror can positively and also negatively impact your life. At Thoroughbred Fitness, we help our clients maximize their time on earth starting with a great body and the confidence to take life head on.”

Ted often asks his new clients, “How would you feel starting your day with a jacked and tan version of yourself looking back at you in the mirror?”

The answers all have one common denominator… excitement! Everyone has more energy for all aspects of life when thinking about the best looking version of themself. That level of positive energy is what one will unlock. Thoroughbred’s coaching program is dedicated to being the fastest and simplest way to achieve a great body and a great self image.

Thoroughbred offers personalized diet and exercise coaching designed to transform their clients’ physiques and energy levels. What really separates Thoroughbred from the rest is the dedication to a simple and easy-to-follow framework from each and every coach.

As Ted shares, “The best program is the one you can stick with. Our coaches strive to deliver workouts and nutrition guidelines that are fun and enjoyable. This is why our clients see such great results… the coaching is personalized just for them and adjustable as things happen in their lives.”

To learn more about Thoroughbred’s fully customized fitness coaching visit or reach out to Ted directly at You can also follow Ted on Instagram @tedmccoll and @thoroughbody for updates and fitness tips.

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