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Building a Personal Brand as an Adolescent

Jayson Dombele



Building a Personal Brand as an Adolescent

Jayson Dombele is not just any digital entrepreneur. The thirst that he quenches as he moves throughout his journey allowed him to adapt to the market and move forward fast. He has the age of 17, based in Chicago where he claims networking is very poor but that didn’t stop him to accomplish what he has.

He started off a kid that wasn’t really sure of what he wanted to do. At first, around sixth-grade, he had an interest in coding and journalism. On his free time, he would go online and build a site just for fun along with learning how to code HTML and CSS. He came to figure out that he wanted to be a journalist and he took off from there, built a site and started posting his articles. His news outlet was called Documented Press and he was focused on sharing people’s opinions about several topics from technology to politics, the economy and the world news. In 2 year he has achieved over 18,000 readers without social media marketing. It was all word of mouth and SEO.

To Jayson that wasn’t enough. He wanted more. So, he ventured off trying to build his personal brand so he can run a marketing agency because that was of his interest. He started off by hosting a podcast called The Marketer’s Key and it is focused on interviewing powerful and innovative business leaders as they share their business firm secret sauce to marketing, sales growth, and brand building. The podcast allowed him to interview leading entrepreneurs from different industry and it slowly started getting people’s attention and eventually reached a 5-star rating.

Using the podcast as leverage he went on Instagram and started documenting his journey and his early moments in entrepreneurship. He understood branding is important and relying on one social platform wasn’t going to cut the deal so he expanded on Youtube and Medium.

Another thing that helped him move forward was working for people for free. He worked with Optivolt Labs ( a drone company focused on bringing cheaper drones to military and farm workers) also working with an Instagram Influencer Lauren Turner (@thelaurenturner) which has a base of 100k followers. He got to work with both groups in one summer that allowed him to learn about marketing, branding, sales, teamwork and some other skills that he also got a chance to apply in the workspace.

In October 2018 he started off his first profitable business venture. The Scaling Sauce! It is a marketing agency that helps both individuals and business entities work to start or build authentic brands for consumers.

Jayson understands that many marketing agencies push vanity metrics to their clients along with using machines to grow a brand. He doesn’t feel like he is competing with any other agency because his goal is to get his clients to a point where they can brand and market their product without paying anyone to do so.

Another thing The Scaling Sauce Marketing agency has is its university program. This program hold courses which allow individuals and business owners to learn more about branding and marketing and how to do so on their own!
It’s been a long journey that Jayson Dombele have been through but the return of investment is pretty high!

Founder of The Scaling Sauce Marketing Agency, Social media & brand Strategist, Author & Speaker