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Building an empire online and the story of Mario Selva



Mario Selva

Gone are the days when a business needed a brick and mortar location. With the rise of technology and globalization, passionate entrepreneurs from all over the globe can create bonafide empires online with just a laptop. A modern-day example of one such indomitable business spirit is the 23-year-old Italian entrepreneur Mario Selva.

Selva, who studied business at the University of Naples Federico II grew up seeing the “American dream” frequently promoted in the media. This is not anything new or surprising. Many foreign entrepreneurs came to the United States in the past in order to create a fortune, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sir Richard Branson.

The case of Mario Selva, however, is different. He didn’t have to come to America. All he needed was a laptop, an Internet connection, discipline, and a vision for the future. Selva got involved with the online retailer Amazon and built a business around helping vendors generate more money through top-notch marketing. Soon after, though, he realized that he depended too much on the platform and decided to focus on another up and coming trend: e-commerce.

Mario Selva was successful. He made $1.5 million entirely online in just 18 months. Sound crazy? It is. But it’s not impossible. This is the reality for young, thriving entrepreneurs like Mario Selva. Brilliant minds like Selva’s focus on spotting trends early on. What worked for him was drop-shipping, a system where a marketer would link up with a supplier, most often in a country like China, and distribute goods across the world that are sold online.

Mario ended up expanding and personalizing his business by branding some of the products he drop-shipped and diving deeper into developing these brands. What does one need to start marketing online and to make money drop-shipping? Not much else besides a working computer and an Internet connection. All the courses, books, and resources needed for millennials to succeed are already online and no office is needed for this kind of marketing. While the whole online business idea sounds unreal, the money is very, very real, and tangible.

The most attractive part of running an online business isn’t even the money itself, but the freedom. “I’ve had massive success and my biggest joy and inspiration has been travel. I love to explore new places. It recharges and inspires me,” comments Mario Selva.

Young entrepreneurs are hungry. They can’t get enough of traveling, new experiences and people, personal development, and expanding their perspective on life. The empowerment they receive through online business provides just that.

The most beautiful part of the process has got to be how quickly a profit materializes in one’s bank account. While in the past a business owner had to wait and see who came to their store, how much profit they would make, and so on, now, the money rolls in fast–in a matter of minutes, even. In his first four months in business, Mario Selva made $180,000–triple the amount of the average US salary.

Mario has a few secrets up his sleeve. He is strategically using TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more millennial platforms to scale his business and get free publicity. He doesn’t even need a laptop for that. All that he needs is a working smartphone. Mario is on a great track and he’s feeling optimistic about the future.

Online business is here to stay. This will be the legacy of the new generation of millennials, Gen Z, and beyond. The intense desire for ultimate freedom and the choice to forego university and jump into business right away is what’s keeping these young entrepreneurs excited. Evan Spiegel of Snapchat was a billionaire in his early 20s, and now he’s even wealthier and married to a supermodel. This is the new “American dream” and technology is here to empower it all.

An endless supply of motivation keeps business owners like Mario Selva going. “I wanted to succeed at all cost,” Selva explains, “even if that meant isolating myself just to read and learn 80% of the time.”

Mindset is hugely important for online entrepreneurs. It comprises roughly 50% of all the training they need to do. While a university degree is not necessarily a requirement, believing that anything is possible and that limits do not exist certainly is.

Nicolas Bueno is the Content Manager at HighKey Agency. With a background in public relations and his passion for business, he now shares exciting stories of entrepreneurs and how they’re succeeding in their fields!