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Business Leader Bobby Castro Teaches Entrepreneurs to Create Good Relationships in their Companies



Bobby Castro

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Bobby Castro is a business leader who can be described in a lot of different ways. Many people would call him a self-made mogul, entrepreneur and business leader because of his many wonderful accomplishments in the business community. After all, there are not too many entrepreneurs who can take $25,000 and turn it into more than $300 million in less than 20 years. That is what Castro did after he started the Bankers Healthcare Group for $25,000 and exited the company in 2019. 

“I have over 600 employees in a company with a billion-dollar valuation,” Castro said in an interview. “It was voted as the fastest-growing company in 2005. Do you want to know why? Because of the positive company culture that I created. It is a culture filled with good positive relationships rather than resentments and negative energy. When you make your employees happy, they work harder and make you happy as a leader. It works out wonderfully for everyone.”

Castro is the recipient of the 2012 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of Year Award. He’s been featured in Inc magazine approximately 13 times and operates the fifth fastest-growing company in the nation. With $150 million in net revenue, he knows a thing or two about what it takes to get ahead of the competition. Good relationships and company culture continue to be on the top of his list of reasons for his success. 

“It is not enough for business leaders to have positive attitudes because their employees need to have positive attitudes as well,” Castro said. “If you don’t know how to transfer your positive energy down onto your employees, then your company will never be able to grow. Positivity in the workplace means creating fair workplace conditions and offering rewards to employees that do an exemplary job.”

In a nation where most people hate their jobs, it is encouraging to see a business leader who tries to change that in his company. Castro’s philosophy of business success makes perfect sense, though. Numerous studies have found that having positive and happy employees will increase productivity in the workplace. Whenever there is higher productivity, a company will likely see higher profits and monthly revenue. 

Castro has spoken at a variety of many different conferences where a lot of famous entrepreneurs give advice and strategies to other entrepreneurs. Some of them feature everybody from Grant Cardone to Magic Johnson. Castro has been speaking conferences for many years as well. His speeches have always gotten a wide round of applause. 

“My business philosophy is to make a commitment to my local employees as well as my local community,” Castro said. “My positive energy does not just stay in the workplace. I carry that energy forward to doing good for my local community. I proudly support many different charitable organizations in my local Florida community and throughout the country.” Some of these organizations include Food for the Poor, House Calls for the Homeless, American Cancer Society, Operation Smile and others.

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