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Cassandra Britt is a “Mompreneur” Who Answered the Call to Financial Freedom and Generational Legacy



Cassandra Britt is a “Mompreneur” Who Answered the Call to Financial Freedom and Generational Legacy

Cassandra Britt, also known as Cassy B. is the owner of Cassy B. Aromatics. The Cassy B. Aromatics brand consists of handmade wax melts and soon-to-be bath products that promote self-care and mental health. This new company (launched in January 2019) is a reflection of the passion that she has to help others. “I’ve worked in the medical field going on 10 years, so my love for helping people has always been near and dear to my heart.”


The Need for Financial Freedom Breeds Hope


Britt was living the life that she dreamed of. Cassandra Britt and her husband purchased a brand-new house which they built from the ground up, but something was still missing from her life. She felt a sense of longing that she couldn’t explain and even though her life was seemingly great, she was still suffering from the lack of financial freedom, and she knew there was more to life than what she was currently experiencing.


Her husband also took on the leadership role in being the sole provider for their household while she was in nursing school. “I did not feel as comfortable as I thought I would. It dawned on me that I still had no money in my savings account. I still was living check to check. Hell, my husband was basically holding down the entire household because I was in nursing school and even though he didn’t complain at all, I’ve always been an independent woman and able to help if not handle it all on my own. I felt weak, which is a feeling that I hate with a passion.”


She said that it was at this point that she realized her family needed and deserved better. Britt wanted her family to enjoy life more–she didn’t want to wait until retirement to begin living her life. Motherhood was also a strong motivator for pushing forward in her business. Her desire to build generational wealth and end struggle acted as the catalyst that set forth a new trajectory in her life. “Our kids deserved generational wealth so that they don’t have to struggle like we did. In my opinion, that is our duty as parents, my kids didn’t ask to be here. That’s what lit the fire for me to become an entrepreneur.”


Walking into Entrepreneurship with an Open Heart

Most, if not all people would say that entrepreneurship is hard. It’s definitely not a task for a weak-minded person, and if you throw motherhood in the mix, you have an extremely difficult challenge to master. Not everyone will understand the journey or the sacrifice, but with persistence, vision, and realistic goals set forth, anything is possible.


Entrepreneurship challenges you in many ways, it stretches your faith and comfort zone, and oftentimes, it pushes those with opposing viewpoints or lifestyles out of your life. One of the biggest lessons in entrepreneurship is you can’t take everyone with you on your journey. Your path is yours to walk!


When interviewing Britt about her journey, she had this to say: “Entrepreneurship is hard and even harder when you have a family. Let’s just be honest and realistic… We can do anything that we put our minds to. When I was a single mother, I made it happen and I made a way as do many mothers…Some challenges have been to go against what my husband may or may not think is a good move…I had to understand that everyone won’t have the same vision as me, and that’s okay.”


Entrepreneur Tips from a Mom Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship opens up new mindsets, and with a new journey comes greater obstacles. Here are a few tips from Cassandra Britt that will help you refocus your purpose and destiny.” It is important to network and build relationships with more like-minded people. When you are walking into this journey, likely this will open up a new mindset and way of thinking for you. [Entrepreneurship] will disrupt your world because it will also bring out the people in your circle that still have the same mind frame as the “old you.” Those same people will bring you down and try and keep you at that constant mediocre level you’ve been floating at for so long.

Cassandra Britt is a powerful example of what determination and hard work can bring. If you are a “mompreneur” who feels like they’re drowning in the pressure of raising kids and growing a business from scratch, take resolve in knowing that you’re not alone and there is an army of driven women who have your back!


For business inquiries, you can contact Cassandra at, or reach out to her on her Facebook business page!


Miesha Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing heartwarming and inspiring stories of everyday individuals who work to transform their dreams of success into reality.