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Chase McAnear – Homeless To Multi-Millionaire In Three Years



Chase McAnear

What were your priorities when you were 18? There must be so many things that would be going around in your young, restless mind. But, setting up a business empire must not have been a part of the plan, right? That is exactly what Chase McAnear was thinking when he was 18. Right from a very young age, Chase had the desire to become an independent individual. When he turned 18 and it was time for him to enroll in a college to study law, he decided against racking up $250,000 of debt. Instead, he had set his heart on the real estate business and wanted to try his luck as an entrepreneur. His parents were livid at his decision and when Chase refused to change his mind, they asked him to leave the house and fend for himself, hoping that it would bring him back to his senses. With no money in his pocket, he would take turns residing at his non-immediate family members’ homes. There were days when he would find random locations and lots to sleep in his car for the night. During the day, he would find a nearby coffee shop and park nearby it in order to use their wi-fi and study. Days were passing by and nothing substantial was happening. The struggle was taking a toll on him and soon, he found himself dealing with depression. He was gaining weight at a rapid pace and there was no sign of any income or job opportunity. During these trying times, he saw a glimmer of hope when he passed the licensing test.

Although things were still difficult, he now had the legal means to do business and be an entrepreneur. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, they say. Perhaps, those words were ringing in Chase’s mind at that time as he promised himself that he will give it his all and do everything it takes to achieve his dream. Slowly, things started getting better. His hard work, dedication and communication skills brought several big opportunities and important people who paved the way for him to soar higher in his business. The biggest validation of his success came from the rekindling of his relationship with his parents, who started talking to him after realizing he indeed had a plan and was working towards his goals in a focused manner. For two years, he bought and sold several properties and made a neat profit. In the third year, he realized he was ready to take the leap and establish his own real estate company. After this point, there was no looking back for him. McAnear was not somebody who would sit and reminisce about his past achievements.

He believed in looking right into the eyes of the future. He decided to use the profits earned by the company in fueling new start-ups. Instead of restricting himself to his already thriving real estate business, he ventured into several other businesses and left a strong mark in each of them. Three years back, Chase McAnear was a man who was homeless and almost penniless. Today, he successfully runs multiple businesses and the tales of his achievements and glories have travelled far and wide. Apart from being a prolific businessman, Chase is a philanthropist for St. Jude and wields a lot of influence on social media as a public figure. He is the owner of five different companies which has given employment opportunities to hundreds of employees. In just three years, this man turned around his life and proved to the world that if you have faith and work hard to achieve your goals, impossible breaks down to three words – I AM POSSIBLE. Many dream to live the American dream, and Chase McAnear had the faith and the perseverance to achieve it.

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