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Chase McAnear Is A Successful 21 Year Old Entrepreneur




The ability to persevere and set your mind to accomplishing goals are two necessary traits that any entrepreneur should possess. 21 year old Chase McAnear represents this. As an adolescent, the now CEO of four companies, grew up with his life already laid out in front of him. He would graduate high school and abide by his parents’ rules and suggestions of going to law school to work a 9-5, like any other average American. However, he was destined for something different.

McAnear came to the realization that the life his family and friends were living was not for him. Acquiring capital and changing people’s lives in positive ways is something that always drove McAnear to do and be better. This lead to the thought of finding a career path that required a small upfront investment, but yielded high profit. He rebelled against his parents’ wishes for him to attend college, which ultimately allowed him to avoid immense debt and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. McAnear was then removed from his family’s home because of it. He was forced to survive solely alone in his car or anywhere he could couch hop. With the small amount of money he had saved up from his minimum wage job, he purchased his real estate licensing course. This was a very depressing, emotional time in his life. His girlfriend at the time had been unfaithful and his friends and family members doubted him. They shut down all of his innovative ideas. He failed his licensing test a couple of times but he kept striving to pass it. It took a lot of strength to stand up to his parents, teachers and everyone who continuously doubted him. Even with all of this happening, it was hard for McAnear to believe in himself. With the sliver of confidence he gained from receiving his real estate license, he went all in, even when it felt like the world was against him.

Buying and selling houses became a sport for young McAnear. Over the course of two years he worked for a variety of real estate agencies, mastering the game as well as recognizing its flaws. While working for different agencies, McAnear witnessed how realtors and clients were treated. Ultimately, he learned what it takes to thrive in the industry. He took the good concepts from these companies and dropped the bad ones. Lux properties, his first business, was then created. This jump-started his career as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He grew to enjoy this, and has now established a solid relationship with St. Jude. With the success of Lux, he was inspired to create the three companies that later joined his entourage. He was able to use the capital he made from his real estate career to fund all of his other business ventures. This allowed him to remain debt free. McAnear’s main mission with his businesses is to be a “loophole,” for both his employees and his clients. His desire to help people is the driving force behind all of his companies. He accomplishes this by structuring his businesses in a selfless way, devoid of greed or self-centeredness. With the experience he’s gained from creating four successful businesses, he is able to offer his advice on what has worked for him to students, business owners, etc. He has been able to help CEO’s market and advertise ideas to millennials, assist others in getting their own businesses started, and so much more.

Ultimately, the difficult stage he went through helped him grow into the person that he is today. Chase McAnear went from being a depressed, unorganized individual who was

unsatisfied with his life, to a fulfilled and successful business owner. He has been shaped and molded into who he is, which has turned him into a better family member, friend and businessman. After obtaining large sums of money from real estate and conjuring up three other prestige companies, he has been able to work toward bettering himself. In his eyes, his work has only just started. Being only 21, he has his whole life ahead of him to innovate, launch more businesses, give back to those in need, and inspire. It is his sole belief that he was put on this planet to lend a hand to individuals who seek out his help, and he will never back down from that.

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