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Chris Orero’s Journey To Success: How This Entrepreneur Mastered Amazon & Ebay



Chris Orero

The current pandemic has left many people out of the job and stuck at home. Making money in the ways that we can have become more and more of a necessity for many people. Chris Orero is here to help people do that by offering to teach people how to make money off of stores like Amazon and eBay.

“I’ve taught thousands of individuals of all ages and walks of life on how to start, scale and outsource online businesses on multiple platforms like ebay and amazon through online and in-person training programs. I’ve held live in-person-training events for new wholesale businesses.” States Chris.

Chris learned how to manage online content at the start of the internet revolution. He began learning the tools of eBay until he knew the ins and outs of the website. As the world progressed, Chris progressed with it. Once eBay was left behind, he moved onto learning the tricks of Amazon and other sites.

“I started from the basics of selling on ebay until I perfected it. I was involved in many online communities and groups where I then started to teach others how to do the same thing through training events, online web calls and 1 on 1 personal coaching. I realized that there were other ways to earn income online and saw that Amazon would be the future of ecommerce. Using the skills and knowledge I picked up from ebay, I transitioned to Amazon.” Explains Chris.

After honing his skills, Chris met his future business partners, and their business, Ecom Kingz, was born. Their business specializes in teaching people how to navigate online platforms and make money by doing so. This helps businesses and individuals alike who wish to make money online on third party sites like eBay and Amazon.

“I hope  to be remembered as a coach and a mentor for people who want to create other income opportunities for themselves. As well as an entrepreneur using the digital space to spread information and skill sets on how to be financially independent.With this group, we went on to build educational products and services that have helped thousands of people earn life changing income online.” Says Chris.

Starting this business was not an easy task for Chris and his partners. He had very little cash on hand to make ends meet and received very little help from others. In addition, it required a major life change from Chris as he moved across the country to make the business possible.

“I started with only a four thousand dollar line of credit. And I had to start my business from scratch when ebay changed their entire platform! I also had to move across the country away  from family in Florida to California.” Recalls Chris.

However, the business is now a major success and has helped thousands of people and made millions of dollars for Chris and his partners. Chris’s story is exceptional because he started out knowing very little about the field in which he now works. He hopes to keep going and continue to help people learn the tools that he learned.

Ecomkingz has generated over 5 million dollars in sales the first year it was launched. This organization also has launched educational content to help thousands learn how to utilize online selling platforms to create extra streams of income. I practice what I’ve taught on a daily basis, and I have helped build communities of thousands of individuals. All of this was done with no prior experience. I just learned and perfected it through the mentors I had during.” Exclaims Chris.

If you would like to learn more about Chris’ business, you can check out his website at or visit his Instagram profile @chriso