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Creating Success from a Combination of Excellent Entrepreneurial Skills and Passion Toward Helping Others



Creating Success from a Combination of Excellent Entrepreneurial Skills and Passion Toward Helping Others

There is no age requirement for success. Shamus Goss, a highly successful entrepreneur, can tell you all about conquering markets for as long as he could remember. Over the last 25 years, Shamus showcased just what you could achieve if you have the burning passion for succeeding and combining that with creativity, grit, and entrepreneurial skills

At just the age of 17, Shamus has already risen to prestige. He owned an independent record company where he oversaw the production and distribution of several records that hit the Billboard Top Ten. And from there, he continued making his mark in multiple industries. With an incredible list of companies that have seven-figure earnings, Shamus does not let the type of sector hold him back. In 2002, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and shifted his focus from music to the athletic apparel industry. He built one of the biggest team apparel companies in the state, which generated him an annual sale of over $1,000,000.

Shamus knows what it takes to thrive in the current market. So it’s no surprise that he also owns Power Branding & Major Change Media. This digital marketing company provides resources for anyone aiming to expand their reach and grow their audience. It helps its clients turn their vision into reality, building on the customer’s strengths to foster brand credibility and consumer confidence. Power Branding recognizes the importance of bringing something fresh to the table and establishing a connection to an audience. With that in mind, the tools Power Branding equip their clients with are those that will guarantee business success. 

Shamus has also launched a podcast that caters to people who are chasing a dream and working on a future of success and independence. Entrepreneur Mobility is geared towards serving as a platform that provides resources to those determined to reach for the stars. It will mainly discuss business and strategies to make money, regardless of where you are, with just your laptop or mobile phone. Entrepreneur Mobility is very inclusive, for it connects not only the beginners but also the more seasoned professionals to a wealth of information. 

Magneto Home Solutions, another brainchild of Shamus, is a real estate solutions company. He assists homeowners in his community to find the best value when buying or selling a home. Magneto takes into consideration the unique perspectives and needs of every homeowner when they craft the right solution for the real estate challenges faced by the customer.  

While Shamus is known for his string of successful businesses, he can also be credited for a non-profit organization called H.E.L.P. Foundation. Borne out of his passion for helping other people achieve their best, H.E.L.P. provides food and clothing to the homeless community throughout the city of Atlanta. Besides that, it also gives school supplies to disadvantaged individuals, believing that income should not be a barrier to education. And, the organization is also starting a young entrepreneur program, assisting people in regards to education, business blueprints, logos, and business cards, and other resources needed to build success. At its core, the foundation is driven by the belief that every moment is a chance to help out someone in need.

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