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Darryl Drake: Making a Living Helping Others



Darryl Drake: Making a Living Helping Others

For entrepreneur Darryl Drake, giving back to others has always been the name of the game. 

A major topic discussed among entrepreneurs today is the idea of a “Why.” Everyone has to have a driving force behind what they do, or else they will burn out and lose sight of their goals. For most, that “Why” is centered around themselves for personal and monetary gain. Drive an exotic car, live in a beachfront mansion, fly private, the usual fantasies. After all, no one will look out for you in the real world. 

The same is not the case for Drake. 

SAP, a company Darryl is currently the president of, focuses on personal and business development through credit rebuilding and education. While his current position is focused on helping others, that mindset is nothing new for Drake. He has always been passionate about helping those around him recognize the problems they’d been facing and find ways to tackle them head-on. 

A Southern California native, Drake started crushing the sales game at only 18 years old, before going on to build and scale a company to over $40M in revenue and 15 different countries by the time he turned 29. While most are still trying to figure out exactly how they want to spend the rest of their lives at 29, Darryl had been leveling up for over 10 years.

While he is inspired by many successful entrepreneurs, his main inspiration is his parents’ drive and dedication to what they do. In fact, his mother’s clothing store gave him his first entrepreneurial experience, as he had to manage the business at a young age.

Throughout all of his experiences, he has realized that the best way to go about this life is to be genuine regardless of whether or not the cards are in your favor. No matter how bad you think your situation is, someone else is right there struggling with you. Reaching out to your peers in a tough time can be extremely beneficial not only for you but for them as well. You never know when a simple act of kindness can be the push someone needs to turn their life around. 

Entrepreneurship is not a direct path to success, and there will be many storms and hardships that need to be embraced and used as lessons to level up. Failure is only truly a failure if you don’t take a valuable lesson away from it. Drake knows the power of building a team of like-minded individuals that share the same passions and dreams as you, as you will be able to eliminate self-doubt when your inner circle is right there working next to you. 

Darryl can say first-hand that while success, in the long run, looks glamorous, it does not always seem that way. Rather, long term success comes from many small wins and that delayed victories are all a part of the process. Massive success is not something that you will realize all at one time. Growth comes from pieces falling through so that the right ones can fall into place. This success comes to the ones who can push through the short-term losses to eventually see their dreams come true as a result of persistence and grit. 

Darryl has every right to be complacent, as he already has a multi-million dollar revenue company under his belt. But rather than rest on his laurels, Darryl is doing the exact opposite. He plans to step away from his 10-year career and find a new purpose in life as he turns 30. As if helping people and doing a tremendous job at it hasn’t been fulfilling enough, he has constantly stayed hungry for what comes next.

While leveling yourself up is ultimately the name of the game for most business owners, Darryl embodies the powerful idea that there is no better feeling than helping someone else realize their dreams. 

If you want to contact Darryl or follow along with his journey, he can be found on Instagram @darryldrake.

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