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David Roush: The Mastermind Behind Aerie Collective



David Roush: The Mastermind Behind Aerie Collective


He is not only changing the game of the drone industry, but he’s also leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic through Aerie Collective.

David Roush didn’t start out as an entrepreneur. He was a former US Marine, to begin with. And, the rest of his journey shows us that he can do anything. He’s a philanthropist, martial artist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and he can also do magic.

Looking back, David spent years in Asia, where he extended his help in humanitarian aid for Japan during the catastrophic earthquake that happened way back in 2011. He also supported work with the governments of the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea. During and after his time in the military, David trained people in fitness and martial arts. After all, he is trained and skilled in different disciplines such as Shiri-riu, Shorin-riu, Iaido, Aiki Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, and boxing.

After serving in the military, David decided to study Aeronautics at Liberty University while simultaneously starting his companies: an online marketing firm, a real estate company, a landscape company, then, a bitcoin company. When he started flying private jets all over the East Coast, he became intrigued by drones. This made him realize what he wanted to do for his fifth company. David started a commercial drone service company called Aerie Collective. 

He wasn’t joking when he said he could also do magic. “I am also a practical magician, and I use my skills to inspire people everywhere I go,” David shares. He even partnered up with another professional magician and performed shows all over the East Coast, England, and California. 

Last year, he published a book called Regret Nothing on Amazon. The book talks about valuable strategies on how to live the life of your dreams. The book also talks about his grandfather, who he looked up to. His grandfather was a WWII pilot and US Marine. What inspired David was what his grandfather would always say in a nonchalant manner, “I never expected to make it this far, and I have already done everything I wanted to do.”  David, later on, used and perfected it to live the life of his dreams.

David Roush is, by far, living proof that there are people who are capable of doing anything they put their minds into. Today, he is most known for his work in shaking up the AUV industry.

David and his team at Aerie Collective have been leading both the hydrogen movement and the disruption of the commercial drone industry. They have since built solid connections with companies across the country and in England, which can soon help them grow and expand their markets. The goal of Aerie Collective is to enhance the infrastructure of the drone industry and create a sustainable future for all types of drone flights. Through the use of hydrogen fuel cells, they can increase UAV efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint, helping not only pilots but also the planet. 

More than that, in this crisis, David took extra steps to contribute to the fight against coronavirus. “We believe that drones can save the world,” says David. Today, drones can help by delivering life-saving medicines to those who cannot go out, transporting COVID-19 tests directly from the testing center to the CDC or hospital, refreshing protective equipment stores for first responders, and so much more. He’s also committed to developing programs for the future to assist in emergencies. 

David has proven that he can do anything, but one can’t help but ask, what’s next for David Roush?

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