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Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr: Living to Tell a Story of Hope and Survival



Some have the unique ability to rise above life’s greatest adversities. Unfortunately, many do not. Motivational speaker and life coach, Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr., is showing the world that it is more rewarding to survive than to give in.

Dr. Campbell’s life-altering story is not one that you would hear on an ordinary day. It is not only heartbreaking but how he survived is almost close to impossible. With his enduring spirit, he endured many painful experiences to include a learning disability that made him fail in first grade. Not only did he fail in first grade, but he also barely made it through elementary, middle school, and high school.

It also did not help that a teacher in high school told him that he is not smart enough to make it in college. The same teacher also thought that he would not finish high school. Despite the negative outlook of people around him about his future, he simply took it all in without letting it break his spirit. Deep inside him, he knew he was destined to do something great in life. He just didn’t know what yet while in high school. 

Nevertheless, he kept his chin high even as he became homeless in 2009 and started begging for food. He wasn’t proud of how his life was back then. He was simply trying to find his own path the only way he knew how. Dr. Campbell’s survival instincts did not fail him at all even as he slept on the streets, endured missing several meals, and braving the elements. While there were times he questioned his plight, he always held on to that little spark of hope inside him, telling him that everything will turn out just fine.

The turning point in his life was when he was shot multiple times. He was pronounced dead in the hospital, but Dr. Campbell was not ready to give up just yet. Surviving that single event in his life motivated him to push harder and start something that will change not only his future but that of others as well.

Dr. Campbell started to share his life experiences to show people that no matter how great the adversity may be, they have an inherent ability to survive and continue to thrive. He started to speak with conviction, with passion, with a fire that succeedingly attracted audiences to his positivity. Before he knew it, he was already getting invited to speak in schools, universities, conferences, corporations, and significant events. Some of his most frequent audience include athletes who also struggle with personal issues. 

Years later, the energetic, motivational speaker published his first ebook titled, “Dream Big: You Are Destined for Greatness.” The book narrates the author’s many trials in life and reveals how he found a way to survive through it all. It is a treasure trove of encouraging stories that people from all walks of life can definitely learn from. 

After “Dream Big: You Are Destined for Greatness,” the author published his second ebook titled, “Anything is Possible: Success Belongs to You.” The exciting second book encourages readers to never give up on a dream. It is a message of perseverance, patience, and hard work. Both books are available for purchase on Amazon. 

At present, Dr. Campbell is happily married to his lovely wife, Kellie Ann. They have three beautiful children – Evan, Serenity, and Ezekiel. Looking at how beautiful things turned out for him despite the hardships he went through is motivation enough for thousands of people out there who are searching for their real purpose in life. He is living proof that with the right amount of perseverance and courage, anyone can make it in life.

Learn more about Dr. Campbell and how to book him for speaking engagements by visiting his website or sending an email to You can also get the experience of being effectively motivated by Dr. Campbell by watching his YouTube video.

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