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Engjell Berisha, One of the youngest entrepreneurs in world.



Engjell Berisha, One of the youngest entrepreneurs in world.

One of the youngest entrepreneurs in Europe and the world, generating thousands of dollars a year. Today, he is a world traveler, motivator, and business coach to hundreds of students and adults, by the time he was 15 years old.

Engjell Berisha, knew what he wanted in life, and he knew he was not going to find it without starting to work. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of BlueEcom.

Engjell Berisha is one of the most successful eCommerce dropshippers in the world

His success can be attributed to a winning dropshipping strategy that involved setting up multiple online stores in various key niches. Without needing to make an upfront investment for store inventory, Berisha turned a simple dream and ambition into a passive income which has given him the freedom to travel the world and teach others who are financially struggling in their lives.


When we asked Berisha what Dropshipping is he said:

Dropshipping is a sales technique where you sell products that are in third-party inventory, such as a wholesaler or manufacturer. Vendors are not required to pay for the products until their customers pay for them first. It is one way for retailers to avoid investing cash for their inventory. This is mostly done with products from China and some sites that have manufacturers from China, where the product is obtained for a cheaper price and then sold at a higher price, Berisha said.

Also, Berisha said the most important steps to do when you are starting an e-commerce business are:

– Market Research,

– Finding the products,

– Present yourself as a brand,

– Marketing.


When Berisha made over $ 50,000 in profits within his first 2 years in dropshipping, he knew he could help others do the same. Essential elements of his success included e-commerce platform, Shopify, market research, an effective business strategy and a lot of hard work. In his courses, he teaches his students how to set up Shopify stores, build relationships with sellers from the countries where they receive the products, find the right products to sell in stores, and attract a target audience that is interested. for the purchase of these products

Of course, this did not happen overnight for him. He spent 2 years perfecting his strategy by learning the ins and outs of drop shipping.

There was no one around to teach him what to do, so he had to figure it out for himself. Once he did, it changed his life forever. Berisha took his profits from drop shipping and spent them traveling the world. He’s been to all sorts of places like Paris, Los Angeles, Monaco, and so many other cities. He said that everything is possible to do, It’s not important how old are you or if you don’t have knowledge.

Many newspapers around the world have written about Berisha’s success: BuzzFeed, Thrive Global, Kivo Daily, Yahoo Finance, Future Sharks and more.

Hundreds of motivated entrepreneurs have already benefited from their programs. Anyone looking to quit their 9-to-5 jobs and find financial independence will certainly be interested in getting this education. Berisha is even in the midst of establishing a youth cancer charity to help children who are suffering from cancer. He clearly wants to make a positive impact on the entire world. Even if you’re not ready to purchase his courses, at least listen to his speeches and learn his backstory.

You will be amazed by how a teenager from Kosovo was able to turn his life around so quickly and live the American dream before his 18th birthday. There is no reason why you cannot do the same thing, regardless of how old you are.

Writer | Director Writing for more than 10 years, Writer for ABC News & Thrive Global.