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Entrepreneur Chris Choi Shares Tips for Financial Freedom



Everyone knows the story: go to school, college, live paycheck-to-paycheck for 50 years until you retire, then head to wherever we go after we pass. This is the story of far too many people across our population, for it is unfulfilling and puts people in a fixed mindset for their entire lives. There must be a way to break this cycle and obtain financial freedom so that people can live how they want to live, not how corporations want them to “live.” Chris Choi, entrepreneur and mentor, is here to become that change for society. With over 1.6 million followers across TikTok and Instagram, Choi is showing his followers, and the world, how to set themselves financially free.

Chris Choi was born on July 31st of 1991 in South Korea. With the intent of finishing a dental program to anchor his career in serving others, Choi graduated from college with a stunning double major in Human Biology and Psychology. However, once he entered the dental school he had worked his whole life for, Choi made the bold decision to drop out and find his own financial freedom. He told us that “[it was] taboo to talk about finances as a kid,” yet even at a young age, he was able to recognize “how so many people spend 12-15 years, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and…still struggle with finances.” Choi knew that this wasn’t the life for him, so after dropping out he put together $8,000 to rent out his first Airbnb, which he sub-rented for a profit. This small investment catalyzed his success, and now, at 30 years old and with more than one hundred Airbnb properties across 7 major cities, Choi has earned his financial freedom.

On top of his Airbnb properties (which are projected to hit 10 million dollars in revenue by the fourth quarter of 2022), Chris Choi has a multitude of other investments and future business plans. To name a few, he is building a tech company to solve huge problems in the real estate industry, a golf business, a luxury car-rental business, and a premium concierge service. As well, he is taking time to personally mentor 10-15 dedicated mentees a month on how to start their own Airbnb tycoons to earn them passive income. Choi actually regards mentorship as a core principle for success, since “it’s 100% possible to be born with nothing and still become financially free at a young age if you find a right career with a right mentor.” Finding a mentor allows one to eliminate many of the “rookie mistakes” on the path to success. As such, Choi has multiple mentors- a spiritual mentor, a relationship mentor, a business mentor, and a health mentor.

For more tips on how to become financially free by 30, follow Chris Choi on his Tik Tok or Instagram.

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