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What Tasks Successful Entrepreneurs Delegate to Virtual Assistant



What Tasks Successful Entrepreneurs Delegate to Virtual Assistant
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These are the usual tasks to outsource to a Virtual assistant.

Do you find yourself doing all the grunt work all by yourself? Is this burden beginning to affect your overall productivity? Re you thinking there is no capable virtual assistant who can handle some of the load for you?

Well, you’re wrong. The most successful entrepreneurs engage the services of a virtual assistant. Some even have a team of them working on different tasks at the same time. It is time you changed that mindset that has been holding you back.

Why outsource to a VA?

If you want to build a thriving business, you must hire people. Think of a virtual assistant as an excellent first employee. When you hire a VA, you get to see the real-life complexities of delegating tasks and managing employees. It is very likely your first encounter with a VA will be a negative one, but once you make it through that learning curve, you’ll come out better for it.

The nuances of task delegation and all it entails are one of the major keys to building a productive relationship between you and your hires. You have to dedicate time and communicate effectively to ensure that you’re explaining the tasks and what your expectations are for completing that task to the VA. If you master this skill, your business will grow a lot faster than you can imagine.

What tasks do you outsource?

1. Social Media and SEO Tasks

Josh Steimle who is the author and founder of Influencer Inc. has his Vas helping him with the research content. They ensure that he stays ahead of trends and keywords and put as high up as possible in the rankings.

He says: “I have a team of VAs running Influencer Inc., helping out with SEO and social media management for the clients I’m coaching.”

2. Repetitive Tasks

These are tasks that keep showing up on the to-do lists every week. They usually are the same and follow a template that can easily be replicated by anyone thus little training is required to get an outsider up to speed on them. When you outsource tasks like these, you get more free time to pursue more important goals.
You can train your Vas simply by recording your screens and sharing them with them during a session. When Vas is properly trained this way, it saves everyone time.

These repetitive tasks can range anywhere from posting blog articles, drafting presentations, and creating webinars. All of these things do not have to be done by the founder of the business and can easily be outsourced to save everybody’s time.

3. Content production

Matt Bodnar is a partner at the investment firm Fresh Hospitality, and he has been referred to as a “Rising Restaurateur” by the National Restaurant Association and as a “Strategy Pro” by Restaurant Hospitality magazine. He is well known for his successful podcast ‘The Science of Success,’ and he outsources tasks such as creating pages, posting audio, and scheduling interviews.

When to Hire a VA

You can’t stand alone in business especially in this digital age. There are so many layers to a successful online business today that range from social media marketing to content creation. If you think you can do everything alone, you will end up failing and falling short of all of your goals.

When you start to feel like you’re overwhelmed by your current workload, the time is ripe for hiring a VA. They can help you take off that burden and get a better result in faster times. This way you get the best results, and you avoid burning out.

What to do before hiring a VA

You need to pay close attention to how much time you spend on certain tasks and then make a list of some of the most time-consuming ones and create a job description that fits nicely into those tasks. You have to be as precise as possible and also include all the tools that you know they will be using.

With a screen recorder, you can record yourself completing a task from start to finish, and this video will serve as training for the new VA. With adequate training, set out expectations and a plan, you will get the best working relationship with your VAs, and this will help you grow your business.

Jordan Kivo is a former NFL cheerleader for the Tennesse Titans. I help business executives look and sound as smart as they are.

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