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Ethan James On Growing a Marketing Agency for Realtors



Ethan James is the Founder & CEO at The Real Solution

The Real Solution was founded by Ethan to help real estate businesses with their marketing, and he soon discovered he is an extraordinary marketer and a tech savvy expert. The Real Solution team prides itself in identifying challenging problems and using its knowledge and persistence to crack it and turn it into strong points.

Here we sit down with Ethan to learn about his journey.

How did you get your start?

From a young age I knew I wanted to have my own business. After graduating high school, I was introduced to this online business model known as a “social media marketing agency”. 

I took interest in the business model because I once started and grew a social media following for an Instagram theme page & also have always been tech savvy. 

I started an agency but didn’t really know who I was serving & what I was offering. I had worked with a couple of agents doing PR for them but I realized they didn’t just need to build a brand, but also desperately needed help generating new business for themself. I then started to build out a system to develop, qualify, nurture, and book leads into agents’ calendars.

Ethan’s advice to young Entrepreneurs

Start counting in decades, not days. The best things take time to build & perfect. Focus on one niche, one specific problem you are going to solve that the market will reward you for, and stick with it & don’t stop until you have a product that clients will start to beg to work with you. It’ll boost your confidence along with theirs.

What would you want your clients to know to get the best results when they work with you?

Provide amazing real estate services. You can get all the leads & appointments you’d like, but if you can’t deliver on what you promise then neither you or your client will be happy.

What’s the X-factor when it comes to being a successful real estate agent and making it in such a tough industry?

The one problem I see agents make is doing the same exact things that other agents do. If you want to stand out, you’ll have to do things that your competition is not doing. 

Here are my top tips to stand out:

  1. Invest more in your brand: Your brand is the reason why people work with you, invest in it wisely. 
  2. Create a unique selling point: If every other agent is offering the same thing, the cheapest one will get the client. You don’t want to be the cheapest, so you have to give reasons for clients to choose you. You can add guarantees to your offer, or even specialize in a specific area. 
  3. Spend more on advertising: Money makes money, if you can create a profitable acquisition channel, that would be the only source of advertising needed to reach your goals. 

I’ve implemented these tips with my clients and I’ve been able to bring them multiple listings per month successfully.

What’s the biggest struggle that you faced and how did you overcome it?

Not understanding what value meant was a big struggle of mine when first starting out. Realizing that just because you offer a service, doesn’t mean it has value. What has helped me understand the market’s value is looking where your clients are spending most of their money. There’s a chance they’re spending money either to make more or to save time and effort. 

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Ethan’s story is proof that if you implement what the market wants you can never truly fail.

To keep up to date with Ethan James and The Real Solution reach out to him on his Instagram and website.


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