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Five ways to change your business for the better.



Five ways to change your business for the better

New year new me……sounds familiar?

Everyone wants the new year to be bigger, brighter and better than the last……..and rightly so because as an entrepreneur you want to excel, grow and be ultimately reach your goals. So how about I let you in on a little secret? I’m going to share with you five small, but significant changes you can start making right now in your business to start reaping the rewards you want.

Let’s go:

SMALL CHANGE #1:  Stop focusing so much on social media numbers.

Many entrepreneurs tend to tie their self-worth and who they are as business owners to the number of likes and comments they have on their business page, often comparing themselves to others; but I am here to say it’s not the quantity that matters, it’s what you do with it. Increasing your visibility is always good and social media is a great way to interact with potential customers and form relationships, however, steer your focus to nurturing your existing followers and converting them into viable leads. Remember: Quality over quantity every single time.


SMALL CHANGE #2:  Stop waiting too long to make your move.

This usually happens because, either you’re ‘stuck in strategy’ where you’re trying to get everything perfect or you’re simply just too afraid to make a move, so you delay as much as you can; unfortunately both scenarios will get you nowhere!! The thing is there are people who are looking for exactly what you offer and the only way to meet them is to put yourself out there. Try not to get so caught up in the details, the planning and the learning that you neglect getting into action and ultimately miss the sale. Though there is a need for research and to get things in place, don’t wait too long and miss your golden opportunities. Knowing what to do will not make you richer, putting what you know into action will.


SMALL CHANGE #3:  Stop thinking that what you have is the best thing ever.

This is a tough one for most entrepreneurs because their business is their baby, but any good parent knows that in order to for your baby to grow you have let it go. In a business that translates to marketing your business outside yourself. You may believe you have the best product or service in the world but if it isn’t marketable then no one will ever know about it. It’s not enough to have an idea; you need to know if it can translate into sales through testing and trying.


SMALL CHANGE #4:  Stop thinking you have to do it all yourself.

I understand that when just starting and building a business, finances can make it difficult to outsource what you need, but instead of trying to do everything, consider collaborating or bartering services. Make sure it’s mutually beneficial to both parties.


SMALL CHANGE #5:  Stop making business your entire life.

It’s easy to get caught up in getting everything done, but remember success is a marathon, not a sprint. Some things will have to give, but be clear on your priorities and know when to unplug. Your business is not your whole life, but just one part of it. Do not eliminate what you’re passionate about while pursuing your goals as it will cause you to resent your dreams. Stop choosing, but manage your time effectively so that you can enjoy every aspect of your life


Change is good……. and it’s a necessary part of your entrepreneurial life. Believe me, there are ups and downs in your journey but it’s important to keep your eye on the prize as you travel this extraordinary path you’ve chosen. I must admit that I’m so inspired by people like you; you continue to get creative with your ideas and your executions because you are clear on the life you want for yourself.

You chose this roller coaster ride, and as scary as the highs and lows might seem, it’s the thrill and the excitement that keeps you wanting more.

I salute you and I’m here for you if ever you need.

Have an awesome new year.

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Carla Williams Johnson is a Media Marketing Specialist based in Trinidad & Tobago. She considers herself an advocate for business men and women who are desirous of promoting themselves by offering sound, unbiased advice focusing mainly on online and offline approaches to boosting visibility and the creation of practical marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue. She believes that every business owner and entrepreneur deserves honest, reliable guidance in promoting their business in the real world, thus reinforcing their confidence and clarifying their vision as they move forward in their journey