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Flipping Drugs to Flipping Houses: Quentin Flores’ road to redemption



Flipping Drugs to Flipping Houses: Quentin Flores' road to redemption

It was 2012 when a music festival changed the life of Quentin Flores. The party scene had become all too familiar for Flores, who created early wealth for himself by trafficking marijuana and selling it for large profits. This lifestyle was all that Flores knew, growing up in a family where his father was in and out of the system, forcing his mother to raise a family on her own at such a young age. Quentin Flores, who now has done over $30+ Million dollars in real estate deals, remembers that festival like it was yesterday.

“I remember meeting my business partner at a music festival who introduced me to real estate. At the time, I was still selling weed and ended up getting arrested for it shortly after that festival. When I got out, I had $14,000 and knew I had to change my life,” Flores said on the Real Estate Disruptors podcast.

“My friend told me that I had to get into real estate. It was time to stop putting my family at risk,” Flores detailed. He was challenged to make a decision between the life he had always known and a better life for his family. Flores chose his family and with the money he had left from his previous life, he knew it was time to make the change…

That change would be real estate, where Flores invested everything he had into mentorship and learning the ins and outs of the industry. He spent the next 6 months learning everything he could before sentencing sent him back to jail.

In jail, Flores spent every minute self-educating himself on real estate, personal growth, business principles and every piece of knowledge he could get his hands on. It was a growth period that would set him up for major success when he became a free man.

In 2014, he began learning about wholesaling, house flipping and the many forms of real estate investing.

Just over 4.5 years later, Quentin Flores has created massive wealth and has had an even bigger impact on future generations that are trying to change the course of their own lives.

Flores is quick to cite the person that had the biggest impact on changing his life…

“My (now) wife changed everything for me. She took a chance on me while I was going through a hard time and facing significant jail time. She was always with me and she inspired me to change my life,” said Flores.

Flores’ life is very different now. He has over 20 employees in his office in San Antonio and has his sights set on bigger goals. Last weekend, Flores shared his story to over 400 aspiring real estate Entrepreneurs at the All In Freedom event in Phoenix, Arizona. His message was simple “If I can do it, so can you.”

Quentin Flores was able to transform his life from selling drugs to building one of the biggest real estate empires in the US. As he left the stage to a standing ovation, he took time to take pictures, answer questions and inspire the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. Why is Flores so selfless with his time? Because he understands that without help, he would have never changed his own life and that one conversation could change someone else’s life, just as it did for him in 2012.

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