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For Chris Diaz, His Connections Go Deeper Than Business



Chris Diaz

In business, unfortunately, most relationships are founded on the idea of what’s in it for you. How can this person give me immediate value to make me a quick buck? How can this person connect me with their associate so that I can partner with them to generate revenue? For Chris Diaz, his selfless mindset is what has brought him success and recognition in the marketing industry. He operates under the premise that genuine, personal relationships are what bring the most long term value, as the synergy that results from these relationships allow something truly special to happen. His ability to make valuable connections has given him a massive digital network consisting of elite businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and influencers. Using this network, Chris has been able to bring substantial growth to his clients’ brands. However, none of this would have been possible if he never took the leap and got started on his entrepreneurial journey. 

Chris believes that the hardest part of the journey is simply getting started. Getting over the mental block of going all-in on a venture is the most crucial part of the process. All of the second-guessing, doubts and analysis paralysis can be eliminated by taking action. The worst that can come out of getting started is a failure, and failure is often the lesson that needs to be learned to finally see massive success. While Chris is now a marketing and branding expert, even he started out with little to no expertise, and simply learned as he went. Creating momentum and learning on the fly is what will energize you and allow you to level up, bringing your long term vision into focus until it becomes reality. While Chris advocates for getting started now that he is successful, he embodies the idea more than arguably anyone else in the industry. 

After suffering through depression and having no motivation or direction, Chris knew he could not stay stuck forever, as his mindset was simply too strong. While this is easier said than done, he picked himself up out of his depression and went all-in on Instagram branding without any hesitation. After months of grinding to build his network, learn new skills, and connect with other entrepreneurs, he was in a fantastic position to build an online business and capitalize on partnerships presented to him as a result of his connections. But through all of his success as an entrepreneur, he still credits failure as the best method of learning.

Chris sees failures through a different lens than most. He treats his failures as learning lessons, turning them into personal feedback so he is able to bridge the gap between what caused the failure and what he could have done to find success. Failure is inevitable for everyone, so they may as well be turned into tools for future success. There is no shame in trying and failing because you could be one failure away from massive success and financial freedom.

Chris Diaz’s main inspiration for starting his entrepreneurship journey was the freedom that being a successful entrepreneur brings. It’s a no brainer for him that pursuing his own goals while risking financial security far outweighs working towards someone else’s goal while receiving a steady paycheck. He knows that the only way to achieve the lofty personal and professional goals he’s set for himself, he has to be an entrepreneur, no matter how big the risk is. 

Even with all of the success Chris has already found in his journey, he’s in it for the long term. He’s on his own time and isn’t seeking to “chase” anyone else’s success. He’s laser-focused and is only going to become more of a force in the industry. 

He can be contacted via Instagram @itschrisdiaz, & for business inquiries, you can schedule a consultation with him at

Quiane Crews is the founder and CEO of LPG Technology, Inc. Quiane found his success in 2016 after partnering up with a friend drop-shipping on sites like Amazon and eBay where he grossed $1.2M in just 4 months. Mr. Crews partnered up with Shenzhen Communication Co. as a founding partner in China that developed smartphones, laptops and other technology. In 2017 Quiane parted ways from Shenzhen Communication Co. and started developing his own technology for his new tech startup LPG.