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Founder Of The Hero Project, #1 Best Selling Author Adam Jablin, Unleashes His Clients’ Inner Superman



Adam Jablin

At 30, Adam Jablin seemed to have it all: a successful job, sculpted body, a beautiful family with a new baby, and a great home. Instead of the picture-perfect vision, however, Adam was actually struggling with alcoholism and addiction

Luckily, Adam had the support of his family, who took him to rehab. While in rehab, his world changed. 

“I met spiritual teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, and other alcoholics and addicts that led me to a final confrontation with my disease. My journey led me to face not just alcohol and drugs but all of my addictions and dependencies. My classic tale of descent and redemption, told with humor and heart, can unleash the Superman hidden in each of us,” Adam says. 

The pull into addiction was from pressure from expectations of his family business. Adam’s family business was the top lace manufacturer in the world, and Adam was the third generation to run it. This pressure made running the business suffocating. Luckily, his journey through recovery changed managing the business into a blessing. “I became Phil Jackson. I saw how to lead our super staff by example. I knew how to inspire, with my unique emotional approach to business. I had the ability to see people’s strengths and weaknesses and figure out where they’d thrive. I knew when to call a time-out. I knew when to substitute players. I knew when to let our team on the floor play out their mistakes. I found the power within myself to cream momentum. Most of all, I showed love and respect to each and every employee.” The family’s decision to sell the business launched Adam’s new career. 

Now, Adam Jablin has the time and dedication to focus on his own business – a coaching program called the Hero Project. In 90 days, Adam’s program is able to bring his clients “from zero to hero”, and…he LOVES what he does. 

Adam was always hardwired for helping others, even when it didn’t always make the most sense for him. 

“I was a tough kid, but when boxing, I would show my opponent what I did to win. When I was playing football, I never would lay anyone out. I always wrapped up properly and helped the guy up after. My coach hated it! It made me feel small. Same in the gym… I always wanted the best for the other person. Now, I can finally do that!”

His inspiration to get into the business came as a calling. Adam knew he had to share his journey with others, which inspired him to write his first book and #1 bestseller: LOTSAHOLIC: From A Sick to Sober Superman.

This book has brought Adam a great deal of success. To him, success and fulfillment are two different things. 

“Success to me is similar to looking at a bank account that has a lot of money. An album or a book hitting #1. Winning the Super Bowl. Fulfillment is where it’s at! Fulfillment is living with grace, purpose, and clarity. I believe I have found the privileged way of life,” Adam explains. 

While Adam is able to revel in his success and fulfillment now, the path here wasn’t always clear. Adam needed to overcome many obstacles, namely being able to truly be himself and to lead his business and his personal life in that way. Now, this obstacle has been turned into his strength, and Adam is able to see his personality as the main differentiating factor he has from his competition.

“In setting myself apart from others, I could give you the competitive answer, “I will outwork you!” Which I will. But the truth is I differ by just being Adam Jablin. I don’t look at others as competition. There’s the right voice and the right message for everybody. I just need to be authentic, it will all fall into place,” Adam outlines. 

This realization has led Adam to true spiritual freedom. Adam fully understands that there may be other work to free yourself in other aspects of your life. 

“Financial freedom means simply that: you’re free financially. I’ve seen people with financial freedom die from alcoholism and addictions. You’re free financially, but you are not free spiritually! What my mentor and Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer Dion DiMucci did for me, I want to pass on to others.”

 Adam’s program, THE HERO PROJECT has been a huge hit and his clients rave about it. There’s now a waiting list to join. “I feel blessed to have been put in this position. I truly feel I have found the privileged way of life. I feel like Superman.”

Check out Adam’s website, and reach out for his advice or help.