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Francesco Riviera: The “GIF King” Applies Online Marketing to a New Generation



Francesco Riviera

Italian digital entrepreneur and marketer Francesco Riviera successfully navigate the business world, and he is only 25-years old. From an early age, he has been passionate about the Internet, studying meticulously the potential that Facebook Business offered as a tool to the growth of various companies. Along with a degree in Accounting, he got trained to hone his entrepreneurial skills. Private coaches, specialized in every single aspect of marketing and business, guided him through his effort to articulate the optimum strategy. He was determined to step out of his comfort zone and try new things.

Learning how to communicate with each company’s value to a wider audience was the key to fulfilling his dreams. Global demand for authentic, quality online content led him to open Tesoro Communication, a marketing agency focusing on social media management and content creation, just five years ago. The company attracted its first clients in a very short amount of time, a clear sign of business acumen, and great potential. Francesco is also known as the “GIF King” from his imaginative animated GIFs. He was the first one to launch them on Instagram within the European market. In just a year, he managed to monetize his skills and knowledge massively through collaborations with companies, brands, events, and celebrities such as Philipp Plein, 6ix9ine, Stefano Gabbana, Willy William, Philippe Model, Radio Italia, Laura Pausini, and Vasco Rossi. He started being tagged by an array of influencers on Instagram, which triggered hundreds of requests and business inquiries. His creative posts first attracted customers within Italy, and soon after a global clientele. Personalized, branded Instagram Stories with eye-catching effects became his hugely coveted specialty.     

This job included lots of traveling around the world, which is his favorite thing. Today his company services span through a 360-degree project management spectrum, from brand identity to product launches and fully-fledged marketing campaigns implemented by experts in each area and field. Along with performance marketing through Facebook, the team nails the Dropshipping service, which translates as the marketing of wholesale products on the web that can be shipped directly from the factory/producer to the customer. His e-commerce generates six figures on a monthly basis. To increase the buzz for these products, Francesco collaborates with carefully picked influencers. His innovative ideas are the reason why he has become an up-and-coming force in social media marketing.

Willing to share his success story with other people, he is setting up his first course called “Drop Evolution,” dispatching transformative, life-changing advice on how to do business online. The first video is a step-by-step guide to Dropshipping, starting from scratch. He also wants to explain growth hacking, a less traditional method of growth through social media, and within a limited budget. His main priority is always coming up with a solid, scalable strategy that will attract the right investors. This is what happened in his first professional steps and important launches. He carefully planned his business, and money followed. From early on, he had the support and encouragement of his family, but also the determination that marketing is his passion. He kept on reinvesting all the money earned, to consolidate his position in the market. His love for computers and the idea he can be working with them wherever he is, achieving financial independence, and at the same time, maintaining a great lifestyle, were driving forces.      

Through trial and error and meticulous research, this motivated young entrepreneur reached impressive goals. He knows that he can literally sell anything if he adapts to the ever-changing realities in the realm of communications, reads his audience accurately, and puts across the right message. The aim-high philosophy of Apple and its founder Steve Jobs, as well as the teachings of brilliant coaches like Anthony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and Dan Kennedy, inspired his crazy ride. He is still a great believer in people’s unlimited mental capabilities and gradual self-improvement. Through hard work daily, you can prove naysayers wrong. Learning from your mistakes is a great way to overcome a general aura of negativity and pessimism. Just set up a performance-based routine evaluating each failure and success, and creating your own winning pattern. Francesco believes that 80% of success comes thanks to a great mindset, and 20% is attributed to technical skills you can enhance. In hard times, just get “back to the basics” and solidify your core elements, the sources of your strength.  


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