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From Construction to Media Production: What Jesse D Poole Says Helped Him Build a Purposeful Multimedia Company



Some would argue that construction work and media production work are as opposite as a pair could be. Construction work is physically demanding, requiring excessive physical effort, and demands a level of grit many do not possess.  Media production work often requires hours of preparation on and off production sets, can require hours of screen time for certain projects, and in many cases requires extensive knowledge of various hardware and software. Looking closely between the two professions, there are a handful of similarities that can be made of the two. Construction work like media production work includes specialty jobs respective in their own craft, often requiring years of apprenticeship and experience. Hearing a story of an individual working in construction to quit and try a run at media production work is as often as never, that is when Jesse D Poole of Poole Media Co. shared his story of how he left construction work after years to launch a purposeful multimedia company. I asked Jesse to share insight on what he says helped him make the drastic career change be a success.

What made you decide to switch from construction to media production?

In short, after 13 years of beating up my head and hands, I’d had enough. I’ve been a ‘do it yourself’ kinda guy forever, so when I started my very first company I did my logo designs, business card designs, and websites. Standing out on construction sites was important to me because it got you noticed. When you handed out business cards and everyone on site wanted one, just because they looked cool, I knew I was on to something so I started offering those services to construction companies first. When I finally decided to call it quits; my heart was no longer in construction. I’d had enough projects that were physically demanding and stressful at home. I grew up in a single-wide trailer, on a corner lot, outside the city limits… there was always a project going on from as early as I can remember, so I think that’s why I got into construction but ultimately also the reason I got out of it.

What did you learn while working construction that helped you while building your multimedia business?

I’m a classically trained artist first, from grade school to college classes, I’m an artist first. You can’t rush any job or it’ll show. The same goes in the digital world. If your heart’s in it – it shows. I think the most important thing I got out of owning other businesses before attempting to help others with theirs was the business aspects. How to start a business. How to work with the Secretary of State and how to classify a company, open a business bank account and what types of insurance you need. I got the development side down first and everything else followed.

What is the most rewarding part of your new career path?

Independence has always been one of my most-liked aspects of owning a business, but I truly love helping people understand as much as I can about technology and business and operating businesses in modern times. When I can see someone “get it” or watch them take off and be happy with their success – that’s the most rewarding part.

What would you advise others considering a career switch?

Go for it! We all get one shot at life – but anyone can change what they are doing at any time. Put in the work and make the move. Will it be hard? Yes. But will it be worth the experience – even if you fail – I feel it’s worth it. Learning from what you do is life’s best teacher.

As Jesse continues his onward journey, you can keep up with his latest project releases and more by finding him on social media by searching for @JesseDPoole, or by visiting his website at

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