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From Homeless To Millionaire, These Are Jake Nicks’ Top 3 Sales Principles That You Can Begin Operating By



From Homeless To Millionaire, These Are Jake Nick’s Top 3 Sales Principles That You Can Begin Operating By

It’s not too common for someone to become a millionaire by the age of 25, especially when they started from absolutely nothing just a few years prior. But Jake Nicks is not a common man, for he developed a work ethic and mentality that not only took him out of complete hopelessness, it also made him the top door-to-door salesman in the nation.

From feeling like a low-life to becoming a hometown hero, he re-wrote his family’s legacy by taking complete control of the results in his life. He started his first business in the industry of trash relocation, and while it didn’t lead to much growth in his life financially, it was “means to an end” at the time and prepared him mentally for the future opportunities that would arise.

Progress towards his success came after he started his “Outdoor Creations” business, which delivered a service of building pergolas, outdoor kitchens, roofs, patios, and other features that improved people’s backyards. From saying “I can do that” to a man who asked Jake if he knew anyone who could build a pergola, to building the business that would eventually turn into a roofing company that grossed $3.5M its first year, he began experiencing the growth that he had always dreamed about, and it has only been up from there.

Jake attributes his success to consistency living with the mentality of wanting to serve others, and there are three principles in particular that he believes everyone can begin operating by to experience similar growth. While these principles specifically helped him in door-to-door sales, he says they can be applied to see growth in essentially any career.

1. Always agree with the prospect from their perspective

One of Jake’s most effective strategies to acquire new customers for his roofing business was door knocking and simply introducing himself. When he’d begin his pitch and discuss the common roofing issues that most of the houses in that neighborhood dealt with, most of the people he talked to responded with “I don’t have that issue.”

Even though that answer could be considered as a clear indication that the homeowner didn’t have a need for Jake’s services, he learned how to always respond in a way that put himself on the side of whoever he talked to.

“I can see how you might think that for this issue is sometimes not even noticeable,” would be a common response from Jake, and this almost always kept the conversation going between him and his soon-to-be customers. Saying “No, you do have this problem,” would have instantly created confrontation, which is what Jake says most people do wrong in the sales conversation.

The intention for every salesperson needs to agree with whoever it is you are talking to, and to find a way to sell while being on the same side as them.

2. Sometimes When People Say “No,” They Are Really Saying “I Don’t Know”

Jake believes that too many people get discouraged or feel denied who someone doesn’t instantly give them a clear “yes.” Sometimes someone saying the words “no” can actually be an indicator that they are saying “I don’t know,” but instead of admitting ignorance, they are playing it safe with that two-letter word.

“See this as an opportunity for you to explain further and educate your prospect, for they may actually just need more information in order to move forward with you,” Jake explained. “Too many people feel shot down when they don’t get the approval for the sale right off the bat, which is why they need to change the way ‘no’ is interpreted in their mind.”

Where in your own life, job, or business might have you recently heard that word, when you could have used it as an invitation to provide more information? Clearing another’s confusion can oftentimes lead to your desired end result, and this tiny tweak in looking at your conversations could have a major impact on the results you create.

3. The Right Thing At The Wrong Time Is The Wrong Thing, So Be Patient

Sometimes you may have the solution to somebody’s problem, but if that person isn’t ready for you to come to save the day, you’re going to have to wait. Jake learned how to not be too pushy when it came to trying to make the sale, for he knew when it was time to play the long game.

“Most people when selling try to get the other person to make a decision right there and then. While that can work at times, there are also other times when you need to let people move when they are ready. It’s really a respect thing, and your prospect will see that” Jake explained.

That can apply to more than just selling a product or service, for it is a great overall life principle, too. Jake came a long way from where he first started, and it’s been a journey that consisted of living by these principles that got him to the point he is currently at. If you are looking to achieve massive success, or even simply making progress in your own finances, it is certainly suggested you incorporate them yourself.

Who knows, maybe you’ll make it to the top with Jake and you will have your own principles to share!

You can reach Jake on social media @Jakejnicks

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