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From Homeless to Millionaire: What This Latino Entrepreneur Taught Me About Sales



From Homeless to Millionaire: What This Latino Entrepreneur Taught Me About Sales

If there is one word to describe the 6.6’’ feet tall Latino Serial Entrepreneur & Business Coach, Sergio Bruna, energy would be it.

Sergio’s energy is contagious. His humble but powerful demeanor leaves anyone wanting more. Whether you meet the Latino Leader on a one-on-one luncheon or at a stage with over 10,000 people, the effect is the same: He connects with you at an emotional level.

Sergio has a way of conveying his message and ensuring it sticks with you. Whether it’s in English or Spanish, the bilingual entrepreneur understands the power of communications and how effective it can be.

Originally from Spain, this Latino entrepreneur understood at a very young age that being persistent goes a long way. The secret to your goals, no matter the size, the motive, or the journey, it’s all about never giving up.

However, Mr. Bruna didn’t always have it this easy. Years before his massive success in the entertainment & energy sector, he had seen a fair share of failures of his own.

Being homeless twice before my 20th birthday was tough. That feeling that you don’t have anything else to lose can be a scary situation: No backup plan, and in many cases, with no support system, you have to figure out a way to survive and make it happen.” he shared.

It was his love for entertainment, voice-overs, and television that drove him to discover an important gap within the Latino market in The United States: A lack of Late Night television content.

It was with this in mind that Mr. Bruna decided to take matters into his own hands and produce and host what would become the top Latino Late Night Talk Show in The United States, known as “El Pelado de la Noche.”

The Latino Late Night Talk Show proved to be very successful and ending up in prime time National Television across the country.

After his massive success with the show, Mr. Bruna decided to embark on a new business adventure and put his charming and powerful demeanor into the Renewable Energy Sector, focused on selling key products within the industry.

Mr. Bruna quickly went to establish himself as one of the top players within the sales world, having sold more than $600 million dollars within the renewable energy industry to this day.

Mr. Bruna, also known as the Latino Grant Cardone for his real talk approach, is currently in the works of developing an online bilingual sales program called “The Encyclopedia of Sales,” specialized in teaching individuals how to excel in the business of sales and all of its aspects.

“Most of the opportunities I’ve had in my life were earned by knowing what to say and when to say it, and that is all sales. People think that selling is just the process of buying goods, but the truth is, that this process is used in our daily lives.” he shared.

“Whether you are in the middle of a job interview or looking for a business partner, or even looking for the love of your life. At the end of the day, it’s all sales,” added Mr. Bruna.

For Sergio, the idea of developing an online sales platform came from the idea that entrepreneurs all make mistakes, especially at the beginning of their journey.

Having made a fair share of mistakes himself, he wanted to look for a way to help the millions of entrepreneurs across the world mitigate their own learning curves and allow them to come out successful in the end.

So whether you’re trying to become a successful entrepreneur, collaborate with top leaders within your industry, write that next best selling book, or simply find the love of your life, you will need to master the world of sales.

As the great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them yourself.”