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From Immigrant to Multi-Millionaire: What This Serial Entrepreneur Taught Me



From Immigrant to Multi-Millionaire: What This Serial Entrepreneur Taught Me

When I first heard the term, Rhinopreneur [the term unifies Rhinoceros and Entrepreneur], I was perplexed by its meaning.

It wasn’t until I sat down with serial entrepreneur and world-class sales coach, Ali Zamany, that I completely understood its meaning.

A Rhinoceros, which can weigh up to 5000 pounds, represents unconventional behavior, steadiness, power, and agility.

Adding this terminology to the unwavering character one must endure as an entrepreneur, the term Rhinopreneur came to be.

Today, Mr. Zamany, originally from Iran, has used his skills to sell over $1 billion dollars in sales. And yes, that’s a billion with a B.

Aside from being a world class speaker, investor, and running various companies, his life wasn’t always perfect.

“My life changed at the age of 19 when I got a job in a startup going door to door, and I ended up making about $50,000 dollars during the summer, being at an early age, making that kind of money is life-changing, so when it was time for me to go back to school. I decided to drop out,”  said Mr. Zamany.

While working for a Canadian-based natural and electricity retailer operating in North America, for more than 13 years, Mr. Zamany earned the experience to reach the highest position within their sales department, rising to manage 14 offices, and generating 1.4 billion dollars in revenues for the company, earning a big percentage of the commission, and positioning him at the highest point of his career.

“At that point, I was married with 3 kids, it was the best time of my life, economically, physically, maritally, emotionally, spiritually. My life was simply perfect,” shared Mr. Zamany.

And just when everything was going according to plan, everything changed. The energy company went public and Mr. Zamany was fired, so the company could save cost as it expanded to new markets.

So with no backup plan and family and kids to provide for, Mr. Zamany to embark on his own as an entrepreneur, launching 3 companies, all at the same time.

“I have never been a business owner before, but at this point here is when I started considering myself an entrepreneur. However, instead of starting one business, I decided to start three business at the same time.” added Mr. Zamany.

Two years later, Ali went from being a multimillionaire to being broke putting all his money into the business, working out of his own garage and taking no salary and having 2 to 3 employees.

Destroying his financial life and not knowing how things were going to end up, he had to figure it out.

Determination, Discipline and Hard Work.

It was those three words that changed Mr. Zamany’s whole life.

9 months later, Mr. Zamany’s companies became profitable, making 8-figures in their first year in business.

“Coming from a poor family, it is not that I wanted to go back to that but there was no fear. I was two weeks away from bankruptcy, both professionally and personally but I was not going to give up” he shared with me.

But after all these years, and all the experience gained, Zamany credits his success to the determination, discipline, and hard work he has never abandoned.

Today, Mr. Zamany is much less concerned with personal achievement, and instead, is focused on contributing and empowering others are looking to learn from their failures and achieve wealth (in every sense of the word) in the process.