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From Nearly Losing It All to Making $28,000 in a Month: Meet Young Business Mogul Anthony Williams



Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams’s journey is nothing short of motivating. This particular rag to riches story does not involve an inheritance or a lottery. On the contrary, Anothony’s life began as an abandoned kid moving around foster homes and dealing drugs to make ends meet. Presently, he has transformed himself into a successful entrepreneur who was able to make $28,000 in a single month. 

Here we dive into how the journey began, all the obstacles that he faced, and how he overcame it all to reach where he is today. With the number of positive and negative circumstances included here, this is bound to be an educating, exciting, and motivating piece of written work. Read on to explore Anthony Williams’s journey.


His Background and the Struggles Faced

To say that he was not privileged would be an understatement. Having been abandoned by both his father and mother, Anthony was left to fend for himself throughout his life. He and his siblings were brought up by their grandmother “Nanny” in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. At the age of 17, they were kicked out of the Public Housing Projects, and Anthony ended up moving in with a friend for five years till the age of 23.


Things were never great, but this displacement made the situation go from bad to worse. So poor was his condition that within two months of joining community college, he was forced to drop out due to lack of funds. The situation worsened when he started getting involved with the wrong people and ended up selling drugs to make ends meet. According to Anthony, the lowest point in his life served as a launching pad for an incredible beginning what came next. After being involved in a marijuana case involving nearly $2 million worth of herb, he was lucky to find a lawyer determined to help him beat the case. With the help of Daniel Repka, that’s exactly what they did. The acquittal served as a wake-up call.

It is easy to think that abandonment, drug dealing, and college dropouts were all recipes for a disastrous future, but Anthony was determined to change his trajectory. 


The Turnaround, and How He Grew His Business

With the help of his mentor Ryan Gilpin, Anthony learned how to trade in the Foreign Exchange Market, and this is where his success took off. Having always had a knack for taking risks to achieve rewards and a general affinity towards numbers, he turned out to be a quick learner. Anthony was able to combine his existing knowledge in the finance sector with the trading secrets and advice of Ryan to become a promising investor with an eye for finding gold. He is active in Financial Markets and focuses mainly on the Foreign Exchange Market.

His first self-built business is Foreign Profits, which is a global finance and education company. The company is doing well since its inception in 2017 and is providing Anthony with the resources to live a comfortable life. Having a mentor that owned and operated two Forex based education companies gave him a strong foundation to work on. Anthony’s never-ending hustle and drive to succeed made him a consistent investor and day trader, and soon came to be known by nicknames like “The Numbers Guy” and “Your Favorite Online Trapper.” His business aims to educate clients with premium and affordable financial services that are worth and valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, but only costs a minimal fee that goes to the company and other charitable causes Anthony believes in. Having come up from nothing, Anthony seeks to help others while helping himself. He uses all his capital gains to invest in passive cash-flowing assets. Those investments have been part of his strategy since day 1, and it seems they have worked out well for him. 


His Accomplishments Within the Industry

Anthony Williams has an impressive track record, to say the least. He is an A-List Board Certified Credit Consultant. On top of carrying that title, Anthony is also FDCPA and FCRA certified, adding even more feathers to his hat. Although he came from a place of no money, the hustle and drive have certainly paid off. In December of 2019, he raked in a whopping $28,000 as earnings for the month of December. 

Anthony is also the proud owner of the first online-based hybrid Finance and Education company in Minnesota. To cement his reputation as an in the field Entrepreneur, he is also the proud recipient of The Star Achiever Award. The award is to recognize an individual’s excellent service that pertains to his/her customers and clients.



Through his company, he hopes to give back to communities that he believes in, and the communities that helped build him. As a staunch believer of quality service, Anthony hopes to educate others to achieve personal success in the finance sector or with simply having control over their own personal finances. If he had to go back in time to when he was 18, he believes his most valuable advice would still be to never stop investing in your own personal development, skills, and self-education. 

The company operates with a purpose to provide premium and creative finance solutions while educating people on money, wealth building, and financial literacy. All this is done while keeping an atmosphere of love and care. This trait is the defining characteristic of Anthony Williams and Foreign Profits. The successful entrepreneur and businessman has no intent to stop just yet and is on course to make defining strides in the finance industry.