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Garrain Jones Is Living Proof That With The Right Mindset You Can Turn Your Life Around



Eight years ago, while homeless living in his car, Garrain Jones found himself breaking down and crying because of how much he was struggling in life. He had no vision for his life. He was broke, tired, overweight, and didn’t have a job. His girlfriend left him, and his daughter couldn’t even look up to him as a father. He had nothing but the weight of shame and hopelessness. 

Garrain never imagined himself getting out of his situation. It was dead-end. But a homeless man made him realize something that would help him become who he is now. When the homeless man approached Garrain, he was quick to say he didn’t have any money. But what the man said afterward allowed Garrain to take a step back and do something about his life.

”Change your mindset, change your life.” This is what the homeless man said to Garrain that pushed him now to become who he is. A transformation coach with seven-figure coaching and speaking business, traveling the world, to over 32 countries, writing a book and becoming a number one best-selling author on Amazon with the same title as his lifelong mantra.

Once Garrain changed the way he thought, he transformed his life and became one of the most sought after transformation coaches and speakers in the world. Garrain is now living a joyous and successful life without regrets, and he proves that it only takes the right mindset, consistency, and hard work to turn your life around just like he did.

During the most difficult time of his life, Garrain developed the strength to change the way he thinks about himself, his life, and his situation. He pushed himself out of his comfort zone and restarted how he manages his life. Aside from the right mindset, it’s also about consistency.

When Garrain started changing his mindset, he was also reading books about monks, gurus, and highly successful people from the backseat of his car. He would study how they do it and how he could use it to turn his life around. One of the few things he found out was how every single one of these successful entrepreneurs talked about getting up early. Most of them woke up at 4:30 to 6:30 in the morning every single day. In the past Garrain would usually sleep all day and wake up at 11 am, but after changing his mindset to have an early morning routine, he tried waking up early.

Although it did not work at the start, his mind was attached to consistency. So in his own way, he learned how to wake up early by default through training for a triathlon. His persistence in practice trained his mind to wake up at the exact time.

Most of all, what pushed him to be where he is now is hard work.

Garrain was already 32 years old when he hit the snooze button. He felt like it was a little too late to start working on what he needs to do to see himself become successful and because of that, Garrain needed to work hard and put in more effort than everybody else’s.

Garrain Jones is a great example of how far you can go with success, but with the right mindset, consistency, and hard work, it will take you further.

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