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Glamorous Taye Channels Her Love for Luxury into a Money-Making Venture



In today’s world, anything can be turned into a business venture guaranteed to make thousands and millions of dollars. For Shuntae Price, also known as Glamorous Taye on social media, luxury and fashion are two things she loves the most, and everything she does revolves around them. Shuntae’s bubbly and lively personality has helped her settle comfortably into the social lifestyle and has ultimately helped build her reputation as a luxury fashion and beauty influencer. At 29, Shuntae has worked with some notable people in the fashion industry and has been able to gain some traction for her Glamorous Taye brand.

Her dream of working in fashion has existed for many years since she was a little girl. She was drawn to fashion and was known as the fashionable one in her family. There was a time her father took her to buy school shoes, and Shuntae ended up choosing heels because those were the kind of things she loves. Now it’s a dream come true for her to find herself in a spot where she influences people’s fashion and beauty choices. Her love for sparkling, glittering items gave her the idea that she loved the glamorous life, which has played a huge role in shaping her brand today.

Shuntae Price has gone through tough times in the process of building the Glamorous Taye brand. Even though being an influencer is not exactly the career choice everyone envisaged for her, she chose the career for herself and has never looked back. She’s a staunch believer in doing what makes her happy, and she encourages others to do the same. “I just say be yourself, do what makes you feel comfortable, do what makes you feel happy. No one can make you feel happy like yourself. Be authentic to yourself, always love yourself, be true to yourself, and never give up on anything you feel you deserve. People out here tend to make other people feel bad about the things they decided to do or wear. Don’t give anyone the chance to make you feel bad about anything you choose to do with your life or wear,” she says.

Glamorous Taye is built on authenticity, and Shuntae wants her brand to project that value on her audience. She does not pay attention to those who disrespect her choices or preferences. Instead, she focuses on those who support her, and she gives them the best she has to offer in return. Shuntae believes her brand cannot be replicated, and she does not have anyone she considers as a competition. Her strength lies in her unique journey, and she is always willing to share her struggles and stories with her audience. Her goal is to work with as many luxury brands and celebrities as possible. Shuntae hopes to see Glamorous Taye on the list of top fashion and beauty influencers in the United States. She’s well on the path to making that happen and is ready to give all it takes.

Learn more about Glamorous Taye on her official Instagram and TikTok pages.

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