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Glamorous Taye on Becoming a Millionaire by the Beginning of 2022



Take an idea that you love and build a business around it. You might have heard a lot of people talking about this but only a few who did it. Shuntae Price AKA Glamorous Taye is the perfect example for that statement.

It is hard to build something meaningful out of what you love the most, but Glamorous Taye does that seamlessly. Behind all that sweet successful stories and article covers of Glamorous Taye, many of us forget to notice the level of dedication and self-discipline that Glamorous  Taye put into reaching that place. The dedication and the entrepreneurial spirit that this woman has been enough to change the course of what the world perceives about women in Business positively.

Glamorous Tayefrom an innocent dream to a rising business empire:

Shuntae Price dreamed of beauty and fashion ever since she was a little girl. Shuntae recalls how everyone in her family would perceive her as the fashionable one. Taye’s attraction to glitter and luxury fashion started at a very young age. It was not just an innocent child’s desire but much more. The love and passion for fashion are what made the young girl become a luxury fashion and beauty influencer at the age of 25. Glamorous  Taye is a person who doesn’t settle for less; she went into collaborating with big brands and made a name for herself in the industry. Taye was able to gain attraction to the Glamorous Taye brand, which is a path only a few can reckon and pull off.

What is making the Glamorous Taye brand into a growing empire?

There are a lot of things that Glamorous  Taye is, and the one she is known for best in the industry is her authenticity. While fashion and beauty brands compete with each other as they are popularly doing the same thing, the brand language with Glamorous Taye is entirely different. The brand stands out by itself since it’s unique and it is nearly too impossible to replicate that. Glamorous  Taye believes that when you do what you love, what makes you happy, you end up creating something meaningful and unique. True to her words, Glamorous  Taye did just that.

Plans and the road to becoming a millionaire:

Shuntae says that she has been through difficult times, and her love for what makes her happy is what kept her going. Glamorous Taye says to make it big in life is to hustle as hard as you can and utilize every opportunity that you can. The beauty influencer has 2 e-books written ready that will be released in one week. The buzz around it is already building up, and it doesn’t stop there. She has her pop-up show event that is all set to go live on April 17, followed by her very own Fur & Luxury Boutique that is under the curtains and is all set to unfold later this year.

Shuntae believes that it is always important to give back to people who supported you the most. As a part of that, Glamorous  Taye is all set to start her one-on-one coaching classes to learn every nook and corner of the entrepreneurial journey. She has much more planned like releasing live coaching classes on getting stunning make-up 101.

When you are doing what you love, the time, the tight schedule, and the problems that come as a part of it won’t seem to bother you but would only make you more confident. Shuntae Price AKA The Glamorous Taye is the perfect example for that.

Learn more about Glamorous Taye by visiting her official website. You can also find her posting updates on Instagram @glamorous_taye and Tiktok @glameduptaye.

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