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Growing a business in the age of social media with Giuliano Gigliotti



In the days prior to social media, building a business and gaining brand recognition took a lot of time and effort. That isn’t to say that things don’t require any effort at all now, but promoting a brand, an influencer, or a product has become much faster and cheaper thanks to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Social media has greatly helped brands such as Foundr, a digital magazine, expand their reach and push their message to a massive audience of millions. Entrepreneurs are using these various platforms to their advantage to reach a great number of people and to foster mutually-valuable relationships. Giuliano Gigliotti is a social media entrepreneur who is the true embodiment of this strategy. Gigliotti, who comes from humble beginnings, has been able to build a profitable business that has allowed him to travel the world.

“Social media has helped me tremendously in growing my business,” says Giuliano Gigliotti, adding, “It was actually the very foundation of all that I do. I was passionate about it from day one, and it has paid off.” Many new entrepreneurs find it easy to navigate the up-and-coming platforms.  Some  try to promote their brand using social media content, and may even try to boost metrics using websites like SocialGreg.  They are all intuitive and deliver messages instantly, which has made networking seamless.

Now, people no longer have to attend conferences and conventions in order to meet and chat; it can all be done through a smartphone. Instagram and Facebook have been virtual arenas for plenty of businesses and entrepreneurs to “meet.” Using functions such as Facebook Live has been a powerful promotional tool for masterclasses, webinars, courses, and events, and Instagram has been a key platform for artists and creatives to showcase their talents.

The most attractive feature of social media for business growth is that it all can be done instantly. Messaging takes mere seconds, removing the need to set up meetings. While doing an Instagram Live event, an entrepreneur can engage directly with their followers in real-time and answer their questions. By eliminating the waiting time and feeding potential customers’ curiosity right away, businesses gain not only more followers but more profit.

Social media can greatly reduce the cost of traditional extensive marketing and public relations teams. Now, one person with a smartphone can get a message across to millions. There is no longer a demand for an office full of people to promote a single product. The personal touch of social media also allows businesses to appear more authentic and genuine, as opposed to perfectly polished and calculated brands.

The power of social media is that it bands people together and helps them focus on their shared goals. Coming together on the basis of values is a guarantee for success when it comes to business. Oftentimes, many relationships begin as a mutually-exciting venture and never end up working out in real life. Through social media, entrepreneurs can discover each other’s brand values straight away and speed things along. “In some cases, I have to decline a project if the other party and I don’t see things in the same way. Having a look at their social presence can clearly show me who would be a productive business partner and who wouldn’t,” says Giuliano Gigliotti.

Social media is a powerful tool for growth from a logistical perspective as well. With the help of giveaways and influencer promotion, many brands can skyrocket their popularity and get their names out there. Loop giveaways are a fairly recent phenomenon that has accelerated the audience growth of plenty of businesses. The way that works is that a few organizers would band together and pool money to buy prizes or simply offer cash to give away.

Then, the participants would follow all of the organizers and contribute to their organic growth. Loop giveaways can attract thousands of new followers to a business account for a much lower price than hiring an agency to manage its marketing.

One thing is for certain: social media is here to stay. Platforms are innovating and attracting not only a millennial audience but a lot of Gen Z and beyond. Entrepreneurs are unanimous that this new virtual environment can be extremely beneficial for growth and profits. The sky is the limit in a world of instant connection.

Nicolas Bueno is the Content Manager at HighKey Agency. With a background in public relations and his passion for business, he now shares exciting stories of entrepreneurs and how they’re succeeding in their fields!