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Henry Aaron Westbrooks Will Do Whatever It Takes To Find Massive Success



Henry Aaron

Success requires taking a leap of faith to chase your dreams. Success requires a tireless pursuit of your goals, long term dedication, and unwavering faith in the most uncertain times. Success requires sacrifice, mental and behavioral changes, and reevaluating how you spend time and the people closest to you. Success requires blood, sweat, and tears. Nobody is more aware of this than Henry Aaron Westbrooks, a Southern California based entrepreneur who is heavily involved in real estate and a master of sales. 

Henry’s passion for working for himself has been instilled in him since he was a young child. He would sell chips, magazines, Pokemon cards, lemonade, and even host garage sales to make money for himself. While growing up in a humble household with a loving family, Henry was enabled to explore programs and clubs such as cub scouts, band, and talent shows among other things. But one passion has always stuck out for Henry: entrepreneurship. 

After graduating from the University of Buffalo with a BA in communication and spending time working for corporate radio and working side hustles that included a vacation sales job, Henry decided that it was time to go all-in on his passion for entrepreneurship. This move is the one that is hardly ever glamorous, requires a great amount of sacrifice, strips you of financial security, and will test your entrepreneurial spirit to its core. Having to relocate from New York to Florida to begin his real estate venture, Henry was well aware of the challenge ahead of him. 

As daunting a move as it was, Henry was built for it. He rose to the challenge of relocating to an unfamiliar region, starting a new career path, and working for himself. He soon found massive success practicing real estate in Southwestern Florida. But, his ambitions soon got the best of him when he was presented with an opportunity to sell solar in California. Henry packed up and journeyed cross country to SoCal to claim his stake in the attention capital of the world. 

As if generating millions in sales for a company isn’t satisfactory enough, Westbrooks still sought more. He is now the founder of a digital social media marketing agency, iGrowClub. The company focuses on organically growing the digital footprint of businesses online to help them reach their target audiences and grow. On top of iGrowClub and scaling successful Shopify and Amazon business models, Henry is the founder of the Health & Wealth Show, a podcast that touches on mental wellbeing, and features guests that are given the platform to share their stories, their visions, ideas, journeys, and success stories. 

Henry’s ability to connect and build relationships with people gives him a massive advantage in the industry. With a strong skill set stemming from his degree in communication, Henry consults with students on how to level up in both their professional and personal lives. He is also a master of sales and has been known to generate business out of thin air. His personal skills have also allowed him to thrive in the real estate game, helping buyers find their dream homes and helping sellers find a top dollar for their homes. Henry is currently seeking to obtain his real estate license in California so he can shake up the industry on the West Coast.

Since finding success in California, Henry Aaron Westbrooks has found an increase in interaction from celebrities and public figures, with many interacting with him and supporting him. Finding this recognition from such notable influencers has motivated him to continue on his path. Henry has also drawn inspiration from God and his mother to help him along the journey. He has always understood that the reward of being in full control of your finances and career is predicated on being able to persevere through the early stages of starting a business when you are required to possess massive amounts of faith that your business will see success after consistent hard work and grit. 

With all of the success Henry Aaron Westbrooks has seen in his young career, he is still looking to grow his brand in 2020 and beyond, with a book in the works and entrepreneurship events and masterminds in the works for the near future. 

Quiane Crews is the founder and CEO of LPG Technology, Inc. Quiane found his success in 2016 after partnering up with a friend drop-shipping on sites like Amazon and eBay where he grossed $1.2M in just 4 months. Mr. Crews partnered up with Shenzhen Communication Co. as a founding partner in China that developed smartphones, laptops and other technology. In 2017 Quiane parted ways from Shenzhen Communication Co. and started developing his own technology for his new tech startup LPG.