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Here Is the Man Behind the Groundbreaking Teaching Program for Entrepreneurs in 2019



Kharisma Coach

Marion W. Cain III, aka “The Kharisma Coach” is a legend in the field of public speaking and crisis management. He has held multiple speeches in over 11 highly packed stadiums and has traveled to 28 states and 11 countries in the name of public speaking. Cain presently holds a seminar known as “Instant Kharisma.” The seminar is designed to help anyone seeking to improve their public speaking skills. The program is by far the best public speaking system that can help you attain your full potential. 


About the Kharisma Coach 

The Kharisma Coach is a man with over 20 years of experience. He holds 9 degrees and accredits his success in public speaking to the knowledge obtained from all the nine degrees and 20 plus years of work. Marion is a man with massive achievements. He held a speech at one of the largest stadiums in the country, the Qualcomm Stadium. This stadium has a capacity of 35,000 people. Cain is also a skilled Global Risk Manager. He manages accounts of over $100M. He has settled over 2500 cases in the world’s harshest courtrooms and has sold over 10,000 cars worldwide in the most hostile environments. 

Cain has a history of acting. He trained at the esteemed Sedgwick Russell Acting School and has appeared in feature-length films that achieved global viewership. Modeling is another popular field for the Kharisma Coach. He has been featured in the most widely distributed magazines around the world. Cain’s towering physique has glammed magazines and prints in different countries and in different languages. When you meet the Instant Kharisma face to face, you are instantly swooned by his dominance. Cain is a magnet, drawing attention to himself even without uttering a word.

Furthermore, his eloquence and mastery over the art of conversation will convince you that he genuinely is a guru of his trade. “I have been able to train over 1250 plus people, including CEOs, models, professional athletes, social media influencers, and many more,” says Cain, “Still, what motivates me to continue with the training is the journey. Seeing my clients come in afraid and hesitant only to see them morphe into confident public speakers. That is motivation for me.” Cain started the Instant Kharisma program. This program is designed to train people on how to dominate the stage, podcasts, negotiations, and interpersonal relations. In addition to this, Cain is a best-selling author. 


Offering Scientific and Practical Approaches to Instant Results 

The word Kharisma is from the Greek term χάρισμα (khárisma), which means “divine gift.” Cain chose the word so that he could remind everyone that each human being has a unique gift. This gift is the ability to inspire. However, this gift is buried inside us. The Kharisma Coach started this program so that he could help people to locate this unique gift, unlock it, and develop it. A program is a teaching event in which participants get to go one on one with the guru himself. Participants learn how to curate video content, edit and handle existing content, interview and hosting coaching, crisis management, becoming a brand through dressing, and much more. “We designed the program to offer scientific and practical approaches for instant results,” says Cain. The program is for anyone who seeks to develop the mastery of dominating when stakes are high, or successfully handling critical negotiations, and significant sales. You may have it all, the body, the job, and an excellent education. However, you may lack one core element, charisma. 


Why You Need the Program 

The Kharisma Program equips you with the skills on how to take advantage of the vast opportunity on stages such as social media platforms, videos, and podcasts. Entrepreneurs are aware of how an excellent performance on stage can boost one’s sales strategy. Instant Kharisma helps you reap from YouTube, Facebook, and Google. This program will polish your presentation skills or as Cain puts it, “You will be able to turn on the IT factor and draw people into your circle, whether they want to come in or not.” 

There are several packages in the Instant Kharisma program; for instance, there is the Billionaire Body Language class. This class teaches you how to become an influencer. There is also the Kharismatic Presentation Domination. Here, participants learn the art of public speaking. Other packages include Kharisma social media, the Million Dollar Mouth, Kharisma Clothes, and many more. The Instant Kharisma program comes with bonuses such as lifetime access to the instant kharisma facebook group, and personalized assessment of your innate strengths. Celebrities that have participated in the program include Vince Del Monte, Kathryn Nash, Lee Hare, and many others.

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