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How 15 year old Laurence Moss built up a massive social media empire



Laurence Moss

For those who aren’t already aware, social media is the centre of attention for the marketing industry today. Where there’s retention, there’s a possibility to monetise, and this is exactly what Laurence Moss, CEO of the full-service Instagram marketing agency Greedy Growth, has capitalised upon.

At first, you might see Laurence as a normal teenager. He has friends, goes to school and studies hard, but if you search his name up you’ll start noticing a bunch of interesting things, such as his LinkedIn, which Laurence tells me he has been using for “over a year now”, and has been a big part of the marketing strategy for his B2B digital marketing company Greedy Growth.

Today, there are billions of users using social media, and the ability to understand how to build an audience on them is an invaluable asset. Laurence took advantage of small closed communities at the beginning of 2018 to form the basis of his Instagram marketing knowledge and used this to grow a travel-themed Instagram page to over 10,000 followers in 3 months, a staggering figure for someone who prior to that had 0 experience with marketing.

Laurence explains how at that point he “didn’t understand the concept of marketing or retention”, but instead just cared about how he could make posts go viral and get more likes. It was only until e-commerce brands started approaching him as his travel theme page got bigger, offering money from promotions, that he started taking a deeper look into marketing. “Brands were offering me $50+ at a time to post a photo on my Instagram account, at the time I couldn’t believe it”. Once he realised that those brands were actually making a profit after paying him for a promotion, he started looking into other ways to make more money.

By the end of 2018, Laurence had amassed over 50,000 followers between his accounts, and at the age of 14 and a half, he was offering Instagram marketing consulting services to established e-commerce businesses. At the start of 2019, Laurence took a leap of faith and created his agency: Greedy Growth. Using Upwork to generate leads; Laurence’s first client was one of the biggest pop culture auction companies in the entirety of the USA, doubling their followers from 10,000 to 20,000 in just over 3 months.

All the while, Laurence was running Facebook ads, an e-commerce store, cost per acquisition app marketing, and a large network of Instagram account with a combined following of over 350,000. Throughout 2019, Laurence cut down on his external ventures, choosing to go the agency route and really focus on understanding his clients’ needs and providing a full roster of services.

When asked how he managed to build up such an expansive network of Instagram accounts, Laurence replied: “Content. That’s the pillar of Instagram’s growth. I could distribute your content to a billion people but if it’s not good enough, no-one will follow you, it’s as simple as that. Distribution techniques are what you should think about later once you’ve mastered the art of creating engaging content. Instagram is crowded, so go the extra mile to create quality content.”

Rapidly taking on a client base of small startups to large established businesses, Laurence expanded into a full-service Instagram marketing agency, ready to take 2020 head-on. Laurence dictates how he has plans of “expansion”, and is going to see how he can scale his agency this year.

Harry Stevenson is an award winning digital marketer from the United States, having worked closely consulting with Fortune 500 companies.