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How Aishah Mohamed Realized the Lucrative Opportunities Behind a Simple App



Aishah Mohamed

How did Traveling impact Aishah’s life?

As a little girl, the constant travel back and forth from her mother’s house in the United States to her father’s in Egypt had Aishah convinced the airport was her third home. During her layovers in the United Kingdom or maybe even France, she’d sit there completely fascinated. She’d observe all the different cultures and couldn’t believe just one building can host this much diversity. Aishah wasn’t one to hesitate to talk to strangers, so this really made her even more intrigued by the airport. She realized she had direct access to so many people from so many different backgrounds right in front of her! 

When social media came around, well Instagram, in particular, saw it completely different than the average person. She immediately thought to herself “OMG, it’s like the airport is right in the palm of my hands!” All the different cultures, diversity and people are one search away. She knew it was even better than an airport since it’s not a limited amount of space. Aishah knew that the reach this platform provides can definitely be used for something useful, something profitable! 


How was Instagram way more than just an app to Aishah?

Growing up she wanted to pursue a career that will allow her to travel and be at the airport most of the time, for example, a pilot or even a flight attendant. But…. This all changed when Aishah put two and two together. The access to so many people through one app had her motivated to find out how she can sell products through this app to have a much higher reach than a traditional store. 

Aishah did work as an intern during this discovery, which actually made her even more desperate to learn how to make money online. Seeing the same people every day, no new faces, just the same old routine day after day, she really wanted an out. It didn’t take her long to understand that this job was very limited in so many different ways. Not being able to meet new people and actually being STUCK in one place was not going to work out for her and her goals.  


How did Aishah start making money through this app? 

She’d start her online venture by designing and selling her own clothes on her Instagram account and was able to sell out her whole collection! Mind you this wasn’t even the outcome of running ads, she was able to sell all her clothes to her existing followers. At this point Aishah had no words, she was so deeply in love with this new innovative way to reach and sell to people she made it a priority to learn how to run ads to expand her business. 

She started her test trial while launching her first dropshipping store. Once she got the concept down, she moved onto running ads for other businesses. She started helping business owners like chiropractors, dentists and medical spas, generate leads and essentially increasing revenue. After years of hard work, the load is paying off and she now has her own social media marketing agency that she is extremely proud of. 

All this growth was thanks to an app that provided a MUCH BIGGER impact than any airport is able to actually make. The amount of people you can reach through social media is honestly quite ridiculous and thankfully Aishah understood this concept quick and executed her game plan! She wants to show people how powerful this tool really is and guide them on how they can run ads themselves. Social media marketing is both profitable as a business owner AND as a freelancer who is willing to put the work in for the owner. 


3 Quick Social Media Marketing tips Aishah would like to share with you:

  1. Know exactly who “you are talking to” in your ads. For example: In an airport, you know your destination, right? It’s in no way random, otherwise, it would be a waste of money… just like wasting money on ads targeting the wrong group of people.
  2. Have a Call to Action (CTA) – which is when the ad or post tells you exactly what you should do. If you don’t tell people what to do, they won’t do anything, and you want that engagement to have a deeper connection with your customers. 
  3. Shine through your marketing tactics and be authentic! Show the business or personal brand’s uniqueness and be able to deliver the message directly to YOUR people that you are targeting. 


If you’d like to contact Aishah, you can reach her at: or on Instagram. 

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.