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How Andrew Flowers Networked His Way To Success



How Andrew Flowers Networked His Way To Success
I recently completed my first year of college attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. I had the pleasure of meeting many young entrepreneurs but one especially stood out to me from the first day of meeting them. After attending a short meeting for a business club I overheard a young man talking about his idea for a company, I liked what he had to say and began to wait. After nearly 20 minutes I finally got to have a short word with him and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. I met a guy named Andrew Flowers. After seeing we had many of the same visions and goals in life, Andrew and I could not stop talking business. This small conversation led to an incredible friendship. A year later, Andrews skill never surprises me. He is an incredible entrepreneur with not only a great work ethic but also an incredible ability to surround himself with the correct people. Andrew grew up in a small town in central California with little resources in terms of business. His story started with the simple idea of not wanting to work for someone else. I specifically remember when he revealed some of the people in his expansive network to me.


We began a conversation about where he was headed later that day. After 5 minutes of him explaining the people he was going to see but not saying any names, I finally realized who he was going to visit. These were entrepreneurs I had looked up to and followed for years! I was absolutely amazed that he was connected with them and had to know more. He explained how he had sent a direct message to one, a well known digital marketer Kieran O’Brien, nearly four years ago. Andrew played the game the way it is supposed to be played. He started on small projects for Kieran and was later moved into the role of Creative Director at his agency. His connection to Kieran led to many others such as Casey Adams and John Malott. At one point he was even offered a spot on the Build Your Empire team as a graphic designer led by Casey Adams. Andrew has this incredible ability to play the strings of his strong suits. He understands what he is good at and is able to leverage it to not only connect with but provide value for other entrepreneurs in any space. He is incredibly well spoken and this has led to successful connections all across the board.
After adopting a mindset of never looking back, Andrew created his success out of the opportunity in front of him. He has taught me that a network can be the most powerful tool in your entire arsenal. In conversation about the school he always brings up, “it is not about the grades you make but about the hands, you shake”. I can not think of anyone who embodies this more than Andrew. After spending a year in school and running a business together I have had the pleasure to see him in action. It goes back to what he always says, “your network equals your net worth”. But even bigger than that it opens doors. Because of Andrews abilities, he has been able to attain the role of president of Idea, the Innovation, Development, and Entrepreneurship Association in partnership with Grand Canyon University and has been able to leverage his connections to drive business for our company. His work ethic leaves him no bounds and I am more than proud to call him my business partner and friend. Today Andrew works with some of the biggest names in entrepreneurship, running a successful podcast and company he is well on his way to great success. 
Andrew is the embodiment of hard work, taking risks, and never settling for the ordinary. He leads a life focused around the legacy he will leave behind and will impact thousands throughout his career. I, like many others, look forward to the success he will create with those around him moving forward. His integrity and selflessness will take him to unimaginable heights in anything he does.

Connor Keene is a 20-year-old serial entrepreneur and digital sales and marketing strategist with a background in online stores and direct sales. He has owned and operated a variety of small businesses since the age of 13 and currently is a Founding Partner at Greatr Media, a digital marketing agency based in Phoenix Arizona. He writes articles about anything from new trends in today's online marketing world to the top influencers taking over the space today in an effort to provide the reader with as much value as possible.