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How Ben Hochheiser and Zachary Kayal Differentiate Their Company Blade Marketing from All Others in the Industry



Ben Hochheiser and Zachary Kayal are American serial entrepreneurs who currently own and run various businesses. Some of Zachary’s other business endeavors include being the head of Marketing and Business Development for Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC NMLS # 5838 which is a Long Island Premier Mortgage Company as well as being the co-founder of Blade Marketing. Specializing in digital marketing and real estate, Ben Hochheiser is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his age group. He is the Co-Founder of Blade Marketing and is in the process of launching 2 partner agencies in conjunction with Blade. 

Ben Hochheiser’s many endeavors are driven by his passion for helping business owners and entrepreneurs. His goal is to raise the quality of marketing and ensure that entrepreneurs have the resources they need to develop large, successful corporations. Ben and Zachary pride themselves on taking initiative and proving to each and every client the value of their service. Ben Hochheiser and Zachary Kayal found the motivation to get started with their business because of the lack of marketing agencies that care about their clients first and their paychecks second. Ben and Zachary ran into so many agencies that didn’t care about the small business that couldn’t afford their services, so they made it their mission to become a marketing agency that puts their clients first and has a credible reputation. 

Some of Blade Marketing’s biggest accomplishments as a business are various media coverage, a large social media following, and a great network of clients, remarkable results for each and every client, and they have had a growth of over 435% over the past three months. However, every entrepreneur faces many challenges, obstacles, and hardships along the journey to success. One of the biggest obstacles Ben and Zachary have overcome thus far in business has been being able to build such a great team in a short amount of time. Having a team in place made up of experts in different fields with different strengths when your scale is essential. Ben and Zachary are happy to say that the Blade Marketing team is the best in the industry. 

Ben Hochheiser and Zachary Kayal differentiate themselves from the competition by the value they place on their services and superior customer service. They take the time to get to know each client and guide them along their journey of entrepreneurship to help them grow to new levels. Ben Hochheiser describes their company’s biggest asset as their communication system. They always do what needs to be done to help each and every client grow their business to new levels. To learn more about Blade Marketing, click here

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