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How Branden Condy Found His Own Way Around the Economy



Branden Condy

Depending on the source, the Millennial generation alternates between being called the ‘unluckiest generation’ and being complained about for their supposed laziness, allegedly excessive whining, and either excessive or insufficient risk-taking. Regardless of the truth behind any of these claims, a purely objective view confirms that the world Millennials have come of age in is vastly different from anything that has come before. Between the rapid technological advances, climate crisis, a growing online world, and an ailing economy that leads toward worsening difficulties with housing and employment, this generation finds themselves with large amounts of both difficulty and opportunity. To survive, one must make the most out of every bad situation while maximizing their talents by capitalizing on each and every opportunity.

By such methods, Branden Condy carved his own path through, or in his own words, around the economy. As one of the myriads of successful Instagram influencers who decided to be mentors and online entrepreneurs, it is painfully easy to dismiss his story as that of just another privileged personality who rode their family wealth to widespread success. To think this would be a grave mistake, though. After all, Branden’s journey is of an aspiring Millennial who used his talents and the trends of his time to uplift his own circumstances from one born and raised in poverty into a highly successful individual active in various entrepreneurial, financial, and personal ventures. What’s even more impressive is the rapid pace with which Branden has achieved his dreams, going from a broke bartender to an Instagram influencer with his own penthouse in just 45 days.

Branden Condy remembers his childhood as one steeped in the difficulties of poverty. Often homeless and hungry, Branden found himself working a variety of odd jobs just to make ends meet until he was a young adult. Alongside his semi-regular job as a bartender, he has also experienced a wide variety of additional work, like washing cars and being a boat boy. Although he was eventually able to provide enough for his basic necessities, his constant hustle left him perpetually tired. Instead of being discouraged, such experiences only fueled Branden and his typical Millennial dream of being able to quit his job, start some high-profit businesses, and live a relatively carefree life of financial independence.

The turning point that gave Branden the spark to finally start his entrepreneurial journey was, surprisingly, one particularly bad day. Branden recalls a time when his car abruptly broke down. Alone on a curb with a blown car and no money to have it towed, Branden’s thoughts drifted from the simple question of how he was going to fix his car to the much broader thought of how he would fix and take control of his own life.

After overcoming this obstacle, Branden quickly started his entrepreneurial journey by starting an active Instagram account, hoping to make a career as an influencer. Quickly gaining over 250,000 followers, Branden not only used his account for simple clout but also to build a solid base of potential clients as well as his own potent business network. With these bases covered, Branden then ventured into online entrepreneurship, first by establishing his own social media marketing company, followed by a drop-shipping-based e-commerce company on Amazon Automation.

Today, Branden leads these two companies with a team of over 100 affiliates. Branden’s companies combined have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues from services rendered and sales of numerous products. Far from his roots in poverty, Branden’s financial success has allowed him to buy his own upscale penthouse and his own Lamborghini, both of which he uses not as simple status symbols, but as powerful reminders of how far he has come and his willingness to work harder to go even further.

Branden also uses his following to mentor others in entrepreneurship. Following the drop-shipping model, he hopes to help aspiring businessmen and any individuals who hope to achieve financial independence start their own stores and create a stream of passive income for themselves. In the future, Branden aims to expand the reach of both his mentorship as well as his two companies through his very own YouTube channel.

You can find Branden Condy through his Instagram at @brandencondy.

Nicolas Bueno is the Content Manager at HighKey Agency. With a background in public relations and his passion for business, he now shares exciting stories of entrepreneurs and how they’re succeeding in their fields!