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How Chris Bruce Flipped His Life And Career



And there’s one thing that Chris Bruce made clear, and that is, just like him, you can do it too.

For Chris, the wake-up call to change his life was when he finally sobered up, and the fun was over, and he realized that no matter how much fun he was having, he was not happy nor financially free. All he was doing was an endless cycle of trying to impress people who have nothing to do with his life. 

Chris spent most of his life partying, chasing women, and just having that ideal good time with his friends. He spent his money traveling, shopping, clubbing, with no regard for his future. He even recalls popping Champagne bottles in the club every Friday for five months straight until he found himself at rock bottom. 

He always knew how to make money, but it was too late when he realized, good times are over, and money can disappear in a flash.

Struck by this realization, Chris thought hard about what he needed to do to transform his life and career, and while browsing through the internet, he stumbled upon a real estate strategy called Wholesaling, and it hit him. He knew right there it was something that could turn his life around, and it did.

After reading more about the strategy, he quickly jumped into it, purchased a home study course, and took massive action. Fast forward 11 years later, Chris not only flipped over 350 properties, but he also transformed his life and career. Now he’s happier and freer than ever before. 

Today, Chris is not only a successful real estate investor, but he’s also an author and a nationwide business coach. Through the years, he was able to learn how to not only bring in big checks in the real estate but also how to delegate and outsource 80% of the business, which allowed him to focus on other things. Chris also helps others turn their lives around by teaching them Virtual Wholesaling. Looking back, he had to go through so many challenges in his life that he had to face alone. So for Chris, he knew someone out there needed a mentor to look up to thus, dedicating his time helping others.

Chris created his program, “Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0,” where he teaches people a unique investment strategy called Virtual Wholesaling. What makes this program a unique experience for anyone who took part was how it helped them to earn money with just a phone and an internet connection. 

Most of the time, people think that for you to thrive in real estate, you need a license, capital, or even credit. However, with Chris, it’s all about finding distressed sellers or distressed properties and offer to buy their property at a discounted price. They then sign a purchase contract with the homeowners then sell their rights to that contract to a cash buyer investor for $5,000 – $10,000. And it’s all virtual, no need to spend hours trying to go to one place or another meeting the buyer. Chris is harnessing the power of the internet.

Not only that, but the training that they provide is not just an online course that offers videos. Included in the program is their Lead Management software, SMS blast software, to market to sellers and buyers, as well as providing bi-weekly coaching calls in their members-only Facebook group. 

From his very own experience, Chris knew skills could be developed in time, but the mindset should be the priority. So they also cover personal development topics and also encourage accountability inside our members-only Facebook group to develop that mindset needed to become successful.

Indeed, Chris is living proof that you don’t stop when you succeed; you continue until everybody else around you succeeds as you do.

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