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How Chrisa Pappas Has Made Fashion Her Business



Chrisa Pappas

Not many people can turn their everyday passions into a lucrative business network. In the new digital age, it is easy to streamline the buying and selling of products and services, but only a few have the talent to master this within the world of the arts. One of those people, Chrisa Pappas, has done just that and found a way to flip a profit while doing what she loves. Pappas isn’t just a fashion blogger or family woman. She is an entrepreneur. 


Styling, wearing, and selling fashion to the forward-thinkers of today’s industry can be an arduous task. What’s in and what’s out on the runway of life can change in an instant or holdfast for years, and old styles make comebacks without warning. It takes a motivated and determined influencer and designer with a devotion to their craft to stay in control of these ups and downs, and Pappas has been successful at doing just that. 


Once a shy, modest student with an interest in design, Pappas, now a grown mother of two, sports a sleek pixie cut and walks with confidence in her stride. You may spot her rocking Valentino in the streets of New York, Milan, Paris or Los Angeles, but you’ll also find her hard at work in the comfort of her modest home in Sacramento, California. 


If you’re looking for an investment in the fashion industry, Pappas is just that. She takes high-end luxury looks and brings them to the public. Her personal connections with reps ranging from Saks Fifth Avenue to Gucci to Chanel have landed her in the arms of some of the most influential stylists and designers in the world, and she has tapped into the business side of many of those relationships. 

Take a trip to Chrisa’s personal site and you’ll find a “Shop” tab under which any client or fan can purchase books and products from her own closet. She promotes these clothes with her bold sense of style to almost 95,000 Instagram followers, and always finds a way to add her own unique touch to every look. An influencer in her own realm, her business ventures also include hosting shopping events and pop-ups for Fendi, Net-a-Porter, and a variety of other high-end luxury brands. 


Announcing giveaways on her social media platforms, curating trunk shows, and making money from her attuned sense of style, Pappas is a force in the world of entrepreneurship. Making a mark wherever she goes, from Louis Vuitton cruises to the Cannes Film Festival, she will surely leave behind a lasting legacy in the world of the high end design. And one thing is for sure: Chrisa Pappas won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. 


Alex McCurry is an Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Social Media Expert. McCurry is known for founding several successful companies and has helped develop the brands of industry leaders across a variety of fields. Alex has worked with Fortune 500 Executives, major companies, celebrities, influencers, startups, and more.