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How Dr. Brian Harris is Revolutionizing Cosmetic Dentistry



Dr. Brian Harris

Dr. Brian Harris is one of America’s foremost experts in cosmetic dentistry. Like most Cosmetic Dentists, he spends his days improving smiles but it’s his unique approach of “Building Confidence” that has people talking. As he puts it, “It’s not about the teeth, it’s about helping people find a new level of self confidence they have never experienced before.”  He focuses more on transforming lives than just simply improving smiles.  His practice is based in Phoenix, Arizona, where he resides with his family. He has been married to his wife Maury for 19 years and they have 4 beautiful children together.

Dr. Harris has developed his own patient communication software called “Smile Virtual” (  This software allows patients to request a free video consult and connect with cosmetic dentists around the world from the comfort of their own home.  The recorded video consult helps to answer the three questions most patients have when looking to improve their smile:  Who should I trust to do this procedure? What options do I have? And what is it going to cost?  Once the patient finds a dentist they would like to work with, the software helps the patient get scheduled and figure out their financing options. The Smile Virtual concept is completely transforming the patient experience with cosmetic dentistry consults.  One of Dr. Harris’s patients explained it perfectly when she said, “It’s GENIUS! Getting answers for my specific questions sent directly to me is such an amazing service and it allowed me to trust the dentist before I even met them. Not having to coordinate school pick up times and get a sitter to pick up my kids just to drive across town to have a consult for a service I am unsure about in the first place was huge.”


When he’s not transforming smiles or spending time with his family, Dr. Harris is educating dentists all over the world.  He is a recognized speaker in the Cosmetic Dental industry who has lectured more than 200 times in 5 different countries.  The Smile Virtual software is a technology that is used by other cosmetic dentists all over the world wanting to find ways to better serve their own patients.  

Transforming a smile is an extremely complex procedure but the process can be simplified when there is good communication between the doctor and the patient.  At the end of the day, it’s all about TRUST.  Helping answer patients questions and opening the lines of communication by using video consults is the ultimate trust builder. 

Dr. Harris is passionate about this idea of “building confidence”.  He is currently filming a pilot series that documents different patients journeys as they go through the smile transformation process and how it impacts their lives.  Having a confident smile affects how people show up in both personal and professional relationships. Several of Dr. Harris’ patients have gone on to start successful businesses, form new relationships, get that job promotion, finally conquer that eating disorder and heal themselves after years of crippling depression.  For Dr. Harris it’s not about the teeth, it’s about helping people find a new level of self confidence they have never experienced before and watching them go on to do amazing things with their lives. 


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