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How E-Commerce Changed The Life of Ninos Shamo




Some of the fastest-growing companies in the world today are e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. The e-commerce industry is worth an estimated $517 billion just in 2018 with the industry expected to grow a further 10% in 2019 alone. So as you can see e-commerce is the future and there is a lot of money to be made from getting involved in that business sector. Best of all, it is not just lucrative but also very easy to get into as you do not need to hire any staff, rent warehouse space, rent a shop and spend a lot of money if any at all on the products you are planning to sell thanks to dropshipping. In this article, we are going to be exploring how a young e-commerce prodigy named Ninos Shamo is making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and living the ‘laptop lifestyle’ while traveling around the world sightseeing. 


What is E-commerce?

For thousands of years if you wanted to buy something you would have to go to some kind of shop or seller to buy whatever you are looking for, but thanks to the invention of the internet you are now able to buy whatever you are looking for from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered straight to your home within a few weeks. 


Advantages of E-commerce:

No need to leave your house to go shopping which saves you a lot of time and money. You can shop at stores all over the world. As a seller, you can also reach customers all over the world giving you access to billions of potential customers. Low upstart costs for entrepreneurs allow anyone to get started for just a few hundred dollars or even less. 


How E-Commerce Changed the Life of Ninos Shamo?

Ninos Shamo is one of the most exciting entrepreneurs out right now who despite his young age has already been featured on Fox News and also in hundreds of other media outlets for making tens of thousands a month even though he is only 16 years old. Growing up in Toronto he was an aspiring entrepreneur from a very young age and at 15 he first heard of ‘dropshipping’ from a Youtuber called Alex Becker who is a successful drop shipper himself. 

Despite not being able to afford Alex Becker’s courses he still saved up some money and started his very first dropshipping e-commerce store in which he sold bikinis. However, he ended up losing a lot of money but after months of trial and error, he finally succeeded with a nice hefty profit of $500 on his birthday. 


Ever since figuring out how to make a profitable e-commerce store, Ninos Shamo has been traveling around the world and staying in beautiful hotels. But most importantly, Shamo has achieved the goal that everyone is trying to reach which is financial freedom, allowing him to do whatever he pleases and living his life to the fullest. Time is limited and you can ask any of the richest people in the world and they will tell you that you will never become rich by exchanging your time directly for money, instead, you need to create something that is scalable and will make you money even when you are sleeping or on holiday.

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